101 Dalmatians, One Dalmatian Disneybound

Pongo 101 Dalmatians

After dipping my toes into my first proper Disneybound a few months ago, I’m back with an all-new 101 Dalmatians-inspired outfit!

Guys, 101 Dalmatians was my JAM when I was a little kid. It came out over two decades before I was born, but I didn’t care. Ariel and Belle were great and all, but they couldn’t compete with 101 DOGS. In the immortal words of Karen Cushman: I myself like dogs better.

I still remember the thrill when my uncle gave me a Dalmatians-themed sleeping bag for my birthday one year, plus I had the Pongo and Perdita stuffed animals and a few puppies besides. I don’t remember having any clothes, though. That’s all right; adult me can fix that!

This Disney Dandy‘s Disneybound began with now-defunct clothing store Eggie’s Disney collaboration. I don’t shop frequently there, but when I received an email about a major clearance sale I figured I might as well click through and nose around. To my surprise, they had a Disney collection, and some of it was part of clearance stock.

How could I not scoop up this adorable corset top? Not only is it the perfect start for a Dalmatian Disneybound, some of the spots are hidden Mickeys! And the back is to die for, no? I wish I could link you to a purchase page, but it turns out this was a store closing sale. :/

Since the top is rather form-fitting, I decided to go loose and flowy on the bottom with my Reebok midi skirt. It has pockets! The black is out of stock on their website, but they still have it in some sizes in gray.

Ideally I’d pair this outfit with the faux leather Mickey ear headband, or maybe the iridescent white pair that was out a few years back. Alas, I own neither of those models, so instead I went with my red pair. Red is a big part of the movie’s color scheme; heck, my beloved sleeping bag was red!

I see you noticed my wacky hairstyle peeking out from behind the Minnie ears. If you guessed my space buns are meant to approximate dog ears – you’re right! I’d claim mine are messy because dogs are messy, but really I just did a bad job. (Psst. If you have thinner/shorter hair, use cut up socks to fill them out. Here’s a tutorial.)

Finally, I topped it all off with black and white sneakers and a choker to stand in as my collar. I got this one several years ago from Forever 21, but they don’t seem to carry anything similar right now. Are lace/ribbon chokers not in anymore? Bummer; I like ’em.

If you wanna make some easy money, bet someone I’m going to wear this outfit on my very next Disney trip. You won’t be disappointed!

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