EVE Disneybound

In Which Jenn Assembles An EVE Disneybound

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun! Before our trip even started, I was being a total weirdo asked Becky if she would be interested in doing some light coordination of our daily park wardrobes. Rather than kicking my Disney Dandy butt to the curb, she sweetly agreed AND did me one better: did I want, she asked, to do a coordinating Disneybound? Full disclosure: I’ve never actually done a true Disneybound outfit. Shocker! Disney-adorned apparel, yes, always; some of my Disney dresses could even be argued as...

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In Which Jenn Prepares Her Next WDW Wardrobe

Every truly cultured Disney Dandy knows: you must carefully craft your Disney-fied wardrobe for every Walt Disney World trip. It’s fun and satisfying and makes packing a breeze! And since I’m a chronic oversharer (as is a requirement for the job of blogger), I figured I’d share my daily outfit plans for my Wine & Dine Half trip with all you nice people. Check it out! Before you ask, I am not bringing Ruffian to WDW with me. She just likes to stick her nose in everything and cried every time I tried to move her. Cats are spoiled, man. But...

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In Which Jenn Dresses For Disney

The first time I went on an adult trip to Walt Disney World, I didn’t care how I looked. I was in the most magical place on earth; what did it matter? It didn’t! Until I saw the photos – and hated them. Vanity, you may say, thy name is Jenn – for since then I have slowly developed an increasing interest in “looking cute” in the parks. This is in the name of the aforementioned pictures, of course, but also – and this is just me – the self-esteem boost of feeling my look makes my happy place...

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