The Dumbest Disney Style Item I’ve Bought Yet?

Keith Haring x Disney hat

The cost to value ratio is different for everyone. While the Disney style item I just bought might stretch that ratio, I’d like to think it doesn’t break. Right?

Like, oh, everyone, I have a lot of random interests. Disney is one of them (no!). I’m also admittedly a bit of a clotheshorse (a cheap one you got in a claiming race, but still). And I’m a big fan of the artist Keith Haring.

I distinctly remember watching a documentary about him in 5th grade art class, and his aesthetic has spoken to me ever since. It’s bold and graphic and true to its graffiti roots.

He’s most famous, probably, for his dancing people and babies, but his artistic oeuvre was broader than that. For a year one of his pieces, Brazil, was displayed on loan at the performing arts center where I work. And I looooved it. Still do.

So when Coach released a Keith Haring x Disney collection a couple years, it was two loves of mine coming together. Unfortunately there was one element I didn’t love: the prices. All the good stuff was a hundred bucks or more. Thus I abstained from a purchase.

Fast forward a few years, and I caught wind of the collection showing up in the Coach Outlet! The prices remain steep by comparison to some ($89 for a t-shirt on sale? Really?), but some are now approaching reasonable when you consider the luxury brand. Which I don’t, usually, but for KEITH HARING doing DISNEY…

All of this is a longwinded way of announcing I am now the proud if slightly foolish owner of a Coach baseball cap.

It was more than 50% off, mind you, but a greater expenditure than your average cap should require if you’re asking me.

And yet I don’t really regret it. I mean, look at it. It’s like Brazil AS Mickey Mouse! Sure, it’s a little esoteric for your average park wear, but I don’t intend to let that stop me. I’m an esoteric gal myself.

Anyway, the black and white color scheme is super versatile, so it’s sure to go with any number of park outfits for all seasons. Plus it keeps the pesky Florida sun and rain out of your face in a way my admittedly beloved Minnie ears can’t. Consider it an official part of my WDW wardrobe rotation!

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