Dressing for Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge: My Batuu-bound Outfit

Star Wars bantha

A Star Wars outfit from me?! An avowed Trekkie?!?!

Look, here’s the thing: when it comes to immersive theme, I am highly suggestible. For example, I am probably the only millennial alive today who thinks Harry Potter is, like, fine or whatever. Yes, I read all the books, and I can still take him or leave him. Yet I can get HYPE for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter because it’s so freaking good at creating an exciting atmosphere. I left Universal that first time with a Ravenclaw scarf. Why?

Fast forward a decade or so and ya girl is wandering through Batuu/Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for the first time and digging it. The ambience is undeniable. By the time I left Oga’s Cantina I was ready to buy a droid and tell everyone I met to ignite the spark.

Has Star Wars media risen in my estimation? Eh, not really. I like it slightly better than Potter but it’s still firmly in my personal “fine” territory. But then I ride Rise of the Resistance again and I’m back aboard the hype train. (Oddly enough, this principle does not seem to apply to Pandora, but we’ll explore that anomaly at a later date.)


Which leads us here, a place I never expected to arrive. I thought it would be appropriate to share it this Halloween week, because unlike many of my Disney outfits, it veers away from everyday fashion and into costume territory. My friends, I have create a Batuu-bound.

This is, as you know, not an invention of mine, but A Thing. It’s such A Thing that Disney has published notes on how to dress like a Batuu native without crossing the line into Cast Member Uniform territory. I can’t say I always understand why they’ve drawn the lines where they have, but you can’t deny they’ve seen fit to draw them.

Batuu locals are described as wearing “muted tones, layers, vests,” etc. Let’s see how I did!

Beige dress, check. No vest but it does have a hood, which I feel like is in the same spirit. Check. And while I’m not wearing layers, the beauty of this outfit is that you can add layers if you like, customizing it to the heat level of fickle Florida winters.

Similarly, I went with neutral boots, although I initially donned leather sandals; I think I’d still go with that option in hotter temperatures. My belt you may recall from my Oogie Boogie outfit, and I think it fits the brief for this ensemble well, too.

(And naturally I had to use my Colourpop The Child eyeshadow palette!)


But it’s sort of missing something, no? A certain Star Wars essence. I don’t really want to drop the kind of money required for a good lightsaber or droid, and while I know the porgs are wildly popular, I personally consider them to be, well, fine.

You know which in-universe animals I think are the cutest? Banthas! Big, dumb, fuzzy livestock banthas! I want a bantha friend.

Batuu Bantha at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

So I got me a bantha!

Picture this: you’re walking through Batuu and you see a girl in front of you, clearly dressed in the fashion of an indigenous Batuuan. But wait, what is that in her hood? Could it be a baby bantha?!

It is! It is a baby bantha! One day she will grow up into a strong blue milk producer, and the girl will NEVER EVER let a sandworm eat her.

Anyway, the bantha was apparently a Target drop from way back when Batuu first opened; I got mine on eBay. As of this writing, the dress is out of stock at H&M, but it was a recent item and could come back. Be forewarned: it is VOLUMINOUS. I highly recommend sizing down.

I don’t think I’m going to bring this outfit with me for my next trip just because Pat is coming and he’s not into dress-up; seems like it would be much more fun to dress for Batuu with someone doing the same. Maybe January, then. Any volunteers?

P.S. Thoughts on Batuu-appropriate headwear? I tried a few things but none of it worked and Minnie ears seem thematically inappropriate.

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