What I’m Wearing To Disney THIS Time

Disney Wardrobe

My next Walt Disney World trip is right around the corner, which means the Wine & Dine Half Marathon is almost upon us! It’ll be my first runDisney race since I did the Goofy Challenge in January 2020, and I am READY.

I don’t know how this trip is gonna look with all the changes lately, but I do know how I’m gonna look, and that’s cute. ;D Once a Disney Dandy, always a Disney Dandy, y’know?

There’s a twist this time around, though: Pat wants us to do carry-on luggage only. This is wise as Disney’s Magical Express, already in its death throes, no longer grabs your baggage for you, and not having to wait around the airport to get it yourself saves valuable time. But packing maximum adorable outfits in minimal bags? That’s gonna test my Tetris skills.

Anyway, here are the blocks in question:

1. The Emperor’s New Groove Llama Kuzco dress. I did a bit of a Hot Topic Disney mini-haul this spring, of which this was one of my new pieces. Showing a bit of love for an underrated movie, and I’m enraptured by the colors! No longer available, I’m afraid, but here’s what HT still has of Kuzco merch.

2. My Oogie Boogie dress got its own post.

3. I took a chance on this Alice in Wonderland set from shopDisney even though the reviews were only so-so; the print is Mary Blair concept art, and you know how I’ve always wanted to wear Mary Blair! The quality is so not worth the price, but you’re ultimately paying for the art. Anyway, it’s pretty and flattering so I kept it. It’s currently sold out but has already come back in stock once; if you’re into it, try your luck.

4. This super duper retro shorts-and-top Coco set are from the same Hot Topic haul as #1, but weirdly enough it’s already sold out. That’s how gorgeous it is, I guess. Shop other Coco HT merch here.

5. My 101 Dalmatians Disneybound got its own post.

6. Same Pinup Girl Clothing castle skirt from my last trip wardrobe.

7. Same The Dress Shop Fantasia 2000 flamingo dress from my last trip wardrobe.

8. Bonus: Figment race costume!

SURPRISE NOTE: As it turns out, it looks like it could be unseasonably chilly in Orlando at the beginning of the week (!). I mean, I’m talking low 70s for the highs, so hardly arctic, but still. I might add some knee socks to earlier ensembles, or even replace an outfit entirely with something warmer. We shall see!

(Psst. Some of these featured exclusively on FROA’s Instagram. Follow me for more Disney fashion on the DL!)

If my suitcase restrictions allow, I’ll probably sneak one or two alternates into my luggage. You know. For science.

Obviously the first best thing is to be in WDW, but the next best thing is packing for it. Almost there!!!

P.S. See anything in a style you like but unable to find it/it’s sold out? The next logical step is to go shopping for something comparable – so why not start with some Black-owned businesses? This list is a good place to get started and includes clothing, beauty, and accessories. Not a sponsored link; instead a suggestion. It’s not on this particular list but I myself am a big fan of Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk. Give it a try!

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  1. I love them all. Also recommend packing alternate outfits into Pat’s suitcase… if he’s insisting on carry-on surely he can spare some room 😉

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