Cinderella Castle

In Which Jenn Packs For WDW Three Weeks In Advance

Yes, I own this luggage for realsies. Look, I don’t know you. I don’t know your packing habits. But I can tell you my usual ones, which some might describe as anal-retentive: I have a spreadsheet. Everything I need to pack is in that spreadsheet, and once it’s in my suitcase, which happens at least a day in advance, I mark it off. I save every individual trip’s packing list so that I can go back and consult it to check for items I may have missed. And of course I check the weather to make sure my clothing...

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Strong Bad race

In Which Jenn Commandeers Elizabeth’s Race Prep

Hi guys! As you may recall, Elizabeth and I are running the Run & Ride Kings Dominion 5k and 10k, respectively, on Sunday. I thought you might like to see this email I sent her on the logistics of our trip and race prep. Not that you’ll be running this precise race, probably, but it’ll get you in the headspace of a destination race, right? Onward for some advice! Note: Please always check before using my futon. Okay, as promised, here is a Logistical Email & Race Packing List! Full of information you probably already know because I’m a...

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Disney Wardrobe

In Which Jenn Makes WDW Packing Edicts

Step 1: Pack your Ruffian. Hi there! In preparation for my December trip (21 DAYS), I recently sent my mother my go-to Disney packing list. This list was first compiled in 2008, and in the ensuing years I have tweaked, modified, and streamlined it for greater effectiveness. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to share! This is the list as I most recently formulated it, so it doesn’t include anything you’d need for a runDisney excursion. In fact, I slightly tailor the list every time to the particular trip, so every time I use it,...

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