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Step 1: Pack your Ruffian.

Hi there! In preparation for my December trip (21 DAYS), I recently sent my mother my go-to Disney packing list. This list was first compiled in 2008, and in the ensuing years I have tweaked, modified, and streamlined it for greater effectiveness. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to share!

This is the list as I most recently formulated it, so it doesn’t include anything you’d need for a runDisney excursion. In fact, I slightly tailor the list every time to the particular trip, so every time I use it, it looks a little different. It may not be that I’ve forgotten to add something I’d normally need, but rather that I have chosen to leave the item out for this particular trip’s circumstances.

All that having been said – if you think of something you think is missing or want to comment on something that’s already included, I would LOVE to hear it in the comments!

And so, without further adieu, here is the packing list I sent my mom:


Not technically packing: Temperature and what to wear on the plane

Average high in Orlando for when we’ll be there is around 74 degrees, but we’ll of course see what they’re predicating closer to the date. We’ll want to modify the number of shorts vs. the number of pants we bring according to that predicted temperature, although I lot of the time in the winter months I end up packing a pair of pants in my bag and then changing out of my shorts when the sun goes down.

You should wear something on the plane that will translate to park touring, since our room doesn’t technically have to be ready until 3PM and therefore might not be ready when we arrive. I recommend sweatpants and a sweatshirt over one or two shirts (for layering), and your park sneakers, which should have strong arch support.

For your checked luggage (make sure this has the Magical Express yellow luggage tags before you hand it over)

O Socks
O Underwear
O Swimsuit (optional; I doubt we’ll use the pool but it never hurts to be prepared
O Hat (I have several if you need to borrow; you don’t HAVE to wear one but it’s a nice added layer of sun protection)
O Sweatshirt/light-medium-weight jacket
O Sweatpants and/or jeans
O Shorts
O T-shirts
O Pajamas
O Lotion
O Facial moisturizer
O Face cream or wash or whatever
O Sunblock
O Sunglasses
O Toothbrush/toothpaste
O Razor
O Shaving cream
O Deodorant
O Hairbrush
O Hair ties
O Chapstick
O Makeup (you don’t have to bring this if you don’t want, but keep in mind that pictures will be taken)
O Sunscreen
O Aspirin (in case)
O Any prescriptions
O Books/magazines (handy for waiting for parades, etc.)
O Water bottle
O Granola bars or similar breakfast items, non-perishable
O Drink mix packets (the water in FL tends to taste sulfurous)

For Your Carry On

I recommend a “double” carryon; that is to say, bring a large bag or backpack that can store a lot of stuff, then also include a small bag for park touring. That way we can check the big bag at the hotel and not have to lug everything around.

O Boarding pass
O Park ticket
O Wallet
O Digital camera and charger if you want
O Cell phone and charge
O Laptop or iPad if you want (WDW now has wifi almost everywhere, both parks and hotels, although service can be spotty)
O Your “nice” outfit for the fancy California Grill – anything business casual should be fine. I’ll probably wear a dress, flyaway cardigan, and nice shoes. Our reservation is that night and we won’t won’t to have to worry about getting it from our checked luggage. Don’t worry – if this takes up a lot of space we can stick it in a locker while we tour the park.

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  1. We could totally travel together. I did online check in and both times the room was ready when I checked in–I don't know if it was because I told them what time I'd be getting there (9:30am) but whatever it was it worked!

  2. I've usually been lucky, but I once wasn't able to get into my room until almost 4PM! You never can tell with those Disney hotel rascals.

    I've actually already checked in online! It's crazy how early they're letting you do it nowadays.

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