The Fairest Week in Review: 11/12


Hello, humans! I had yesterday off for Veteran’s Day and used it to cram in my longest run yet. It was supposed to happen on Sunday, but I had a ballet performance on Saturday evening which evidently required a next-day crash; I spent most of the day sleeping. Us artsy types are weird.

Look at my pretty pointe shoes!

But never mind all that. Last week’s training went surprisingly well! Even when I took my run in the morning I cranked out a good one – and I am NOT a morning person. I wish I knew what, exactly, happened so I could replicate the build-up every time, but as it is I’m pretty sure my new food-during-not-before-runs approach is working.

As for music: I was at Moon’s new apartment a couple weekends ago and started messing around in her iTunes library, locating the most ridiculous music I could find in her deepest archives. I summoned some Bon Jovi and inadvertently planted in myself a sudden adoration for “It’s My Life.” I’ve been playing it nonstop during my runs because IT’S MY LIFE IT’S NOW OR NEVER I AIN’T GONNA LIVE FOREVER. Thank you.

And finally, for those of you playing at home, TWENTY-TWO DAYS TO WDW!!!

Roundup time.

– Hard drinking or hard running? Run Eat Repeat sees the commonalities.
– For those who are new to running, Running Toward the Prize lays down the basics.
Run the Great Wide Somewhere gets packing, runDisney style.
Check out runDisney from a cast member perspective with The Affordable Mouse.
– Sometimes you’re there to watch – learn how to be a great spectator from Live, Run, Grow.
Compare runDisney against the Rock ‘n Roll marathon series with the Disbroads. There’s one of the latter in DC in the spring but I’m not hearing great things about it… Anyone have insights?
– Holiday food is starting to make its appearance! Get delightfully non-preachy advice on managing your eating from Prairie Princess Runners.
– Speaking of the holidays! The Disney Tourist Blog has amazingly comprehensive post on WDW during the festive season. SO excited for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

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