In Which Jenn Commandeers Elizabeth’s Race Prep

Strong Bad race

Hi guys! As you may recall, Elizabeth and I are running the Run & Ride Kings Dominion 5k and 10k, respectively, on Sunday. I thought you might like to see this email I sent her on the logistics of our trip and race prep. Not that you’ll be running this precise race, probably, but it’ll get you in the headspace of a destination race, right? Onward for some advice! Note: Please always check before using my futon.

Okay, as promised, here is a Logistical Email & Race Packing List! Full of information you probably already know because I’m a paranoiac like that! Divided into sections with unnecessarily high levels of verbiage!


What time do you plan to get here? I’m thinking with our early wake up call we’ll want to be hitting the proverbial hay by 10pm, but it’s up to you. We could grab dinner or something beforehand or not; again, your call! We have a fold-out couch AND a futon plus plenty of blankets and pillows so you should be good on that front (although feel free to bring your own stuff if it would make you more comfortable).


Packet pickup has thankfully been extended to 7:30am. It takes just over an hour and a half to get to Kings Dominion from my place with no traffic – and there shouldn’t be any this early in the morning on a Sunday – but I still want to make sure we have plenty of buffer. I’m thinking we get up at 4:30am with an intended 5am departure time. This will also give us time for a quick coffee pit stop if you want one. 🙂


We’ll be able to park free with our confirmation email (I’ll pull mine up on my phone). According to the most recent race email, packet pickup is in the bus parking area, pavilion entrance. We need photo IDs and race waivers to get our packets, although the latter can be done online in advance. If you need me to print one for you, let me know!

Our park tickets and t-shirt and stuff will be included in that, so we’ll want to use some of that extra time to walk our stuff back to the car. We might want to eat a snack at this time too.


The 10k starts at 7:40am and the 5k starts at 7:45am. I’m not 100% sure what the means in terms of how time will shake out but my guess is you’ll finish before me. I guess shoot me a text when you’re done, I’ll do the same, and we’ll find each other in the post-race food area?


It’s still a ways away, but right now Weather Underground is showing Sunday as partly cloudy with a low of 52 and a high of 73; small chance of precipitation listed as possible showers/storms, but percentages are pretty low. Hopefully that DOES NOT come to pass. Well, at least not the storm part; I’ve run in the rain and survived just fine, but lightning generally means less or even no race at all. Regardless, it doesn’t look like it’ll be cold, per se, but the morning will be brisk. Good for running, but we’ll want to take that into account when packing. Which brings me to…


This list will be a long series of DUH moments, but I like to be thorough because, as I mentioned, I am a crazed paranoiac. This is race-related only; I trust you already know to bring, like, your wallet and bag and stuff. If there’s something on this list you don’t have let me know; I may be able to lend you something.

For the race

– Snack
– Running shoes
– Running pants
– Running shirt
– Running jacket OR throwaway jacket (depends on how warm you expect to get. If you think you might want to toss your jacket mid-race, bring something old or hit a thrift store for a cheap sweatshirt you’re comfortable never seeing again; alternatively you may simply wish to wear a long-sleeved shirt)
– Running socks
– Running bra
– Headphones (optional; these are “allowed” but “discouraged” officially, but I like to run with music); along with an iPod if you don’t use your phone for music
– Hair ties/bobby pins/headband/etc.
– Vaseline or some such to lubricate potential chafing areas
– Hat if you want one; ditto sunglasses depending on how the weather is looking
– Plastic sandwich bag to cover your phone in case it’s raining
– GPS watch if you have one (this may be just a me thing)

Post race

Change of:
– Shoes (optional but you may want to change them, especially if the race is at all rainy)
– Socks (again, optional, but see above)
– Shirt
– Pants/shorts
– Bra
– Underwear
– Hoodie/jacket


– Deodorant and/or wipes for post-race cleanup


I hear we need to ride a roller coaster called Volcano.


That’s all the word vomit I have at this time. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Extreme regret that you agreed to do this with me in the first place?

<3 <3 <3


P.S. This may be my all time favorite website ride description: “[Rebel Yell is] not the biggest, tallest or fastest ride at Kings Dominion, but certainly a ride with class.”

So what do you think? What advice would you give or alter along the vein of destination races? Am I completely insane individual you would never race with? Sure, but like, imagine having to BE me.

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