And We’re Back (In More Ways Than One): My WDW Marathon Weekend Wardrobe

Disney Wardrobe

Hello and welcome to 2022! I’m sure it some ways it feels much like 2021 so far; that is to say, like a sequel we never asked for to a movie we did not like. Still, already 2022 has one thing going for it, and that’s the return of the WDW Marathon, my dearest love.

Obviously I can’t embark upon a Disney trip without forcing you all to LOOK at my PLANNED WARDROBE, so here we are. Does it help that I am once again trying a new format? Yes? Okay, what if I said the new format involves pictures of me? Let’s try it on for size!*

* Pun (deliberate)

Unlike last time, I’d like to think this post will be reasonably accurate: I’m leaving Friday and only just put together this clothing plan yesterday, so I’d like to think I’m prepared for the weather.

It is Florida, though, and thus, I can make no promises. What I can promise is that, if it’s up to me, I will be wearing the following…

WDW wardrobe Splash Mountain sweatshirt

We begin with a boring combo: leggings and a sweatshirt. Yawn. But it’s supposed to be comparatively chilly on day one, plus I’m trying to avoid checking a bag, so being able to wear my first outfit on the plane is a boon. Click here if you’d like a more creative take on my Splash Mountain sweatshirt. I will not be taking Minxie with me, alas. She’s a terrible traveler.

Darkwing Duck shirt

Things pick up a bit with this new piece, which I absolutely could not resist: DARKWING! DUCK! It is freaking ENORMOUS on me; I was going for an oversized look, but this is borderline ridiculous. Still, I like to think I make it work with a little creative tying and a balance-inducing fitted short. This shirt is still available on shopDisney, but for the love of God, follow advice in the reviews and size down.

Kuzco dress

Naturally the day of the marathon is also supposed to be the hottest (insert eye roll here). Looking on the bright side, I can roll with a cheery post-race outfit of my Emperor’s New Groove dress. This particular item was tragically cut despite being slated for my last trip, due to the weather reasons aforementioned. It is time for redemption.

Finding Dory shirt

Okay, so, the thing is, this super cute Finding Dory top is actually a… placeholder, if you can believe it. I mean, it hardly deserves to be an understudy, but I’m packing it just in case my plans to buy a particular souvenir shirt fail or don’t work out in time. Further updates as events warrant! Oh, I got this shirt on Poshmark, and if I remember correctly it was originally from Forever 21 (click that link for more detail; I realize now the cute embellishments aren’t shown off sufficiently in my photos).

Finally, we end on a… boring note. Boo. Double boo, because it’s once again down to the weather: the high is only supposed to be 66 degrees on my last day. And for my thin blood, that’s sweatshirt weather, no question. You’ll recall this Lion King sweatshirt from its own special post, and if you read this trip report, you’ll be relieved to know the red wine stains came out with no trouble. Thanks be to Mufasa!

All right, that’s probably quite enough poor-quality photos of me gallivanting about in Disney clothes. I mean, for now. If you’re curious to know what I plan to wear for the marathon, be sure to follow me on Instagram to catch my Flat Runner on Saturday.

Tune in later this week for my bucket list for this trip! I promise it will feature no pictures of me whatsoever.

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