Wine & Dine Half Marathon

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: The Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2016

Trip report time! I’ll be covering my November 2016 trip for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. You can read all posts in the trip report here. Onward! Despite my near panic attack the night before the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, I woke up exactly with my phone wake-up call. But: NEW PANIC ATTACK. Due to the time change, my bedside clock read 4am, the exact time the buses to the start STOP RUNNING. Okay, no worries – the clock needed changing. I could deal with that. What I could NOT deal with was the fact that my...

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Darkwing Duck

Happy Friday: Let’s Get Dangerous

Do you know who’s really underrated? Some hints: He had an awesome Disney cartoon. I always wanted a picture with him but never found him on a runDisney course or in the parks. (Foreshadowing!) HE IS THE TERROR THAT FLAPS IN THE NIGHT HE IS THE WINGED SCOURGE THAT PECKS AT YOUR NIGHTMARES WHEN THERE’S TROUBLE YOU CALL DW LET’S GET DANGEROUS Check it. Don’t forget, you can follow FRoA on Twitter @fairestrunofall and on Instagram @fairestrunofall. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment or email See ya real soon!...

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