A New/Old Splash Mountain Souvenir

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain has been in the (Disney) news this week, since more was revealed about the planned Princess & The Frog retheme. I’ve gone on record as being in favor and I stand by what I said… but I also stand by what I said, which I that I’ll miss Splash Mountain when it’s gone.

I’ve posted about old Splash Mountain shirt before, when there was a run on Splash Mountain’s gift shop. You remember? Opportunistic types were buying up enormous bags of Splash souvenirs to be sold online in a nostalgic frenzy.

I can’t abide enormous eBay markups, but I must confess I’m not particularly inspired by the Splash shirt I already have. I’d like to think I spin-doctored it well enough in my post, but the truth is that it’s stained and has a hole and just isn’t that exciting.


Enter Poshmark, a favorite secondhand source of mine. I was scrolling idly through their Disney section with the filter on “just posted,” and one of the very first entries was a Splash Mountain sweatshirt… FOR $13.

I slammed the buy button without thinking and I have 0% regrets.

How cute is that? Sure, it’s basically just a crew sweatshirt, but the graphic captures Splash in all its colorful glory. And the Disney Parks logo on the inside denotes it as authentic to boot!


I’ve mentioned before my interest in putting together more chilly-weather Disney outfits, and obviously this would go great with jeans or leggings. But just for funsies, I decided to pair it with a midi skirt for this outfit. I think this would be a perfect ensemble for a cool Florida-style winter day!

Perhaps you are thinking, wait. That’s clearly a long sweatshirt. Why does it suddenly look cropped?

Easy! I used the belt trick!

It’s super simple and is great for when you want the look of a cropped/tucked shirt without modifying the piece itself or attempting to cram bulky fabric into your waistband. Just put a thin belt around your waist and pull the shirt up above it until you’re happy with the length, and then blouse it overtop the belt.

Admittedly you can tell the belt is there when you lift your arms above a certain height, but I actually don’t hate that. I think it gives the outfit a cute almost ’40s look.


After the success of my first skirt ensemble, I got overexcited and decided to try pairing it with one of my very favorite skirts, a polka-dot midi number with pockets.

Unfortunately I’m not sure it works. I don’t hate it, but I think with the volume of the sweatshirt, the volume of the skirt is just too much, y’know? Plus my rainbow Minnie ears don’t seem to play as nice with the outfit as a whole. I could wear different ears, but the rainbow ears make me happy with the colorful sweatshirt. Hey, it was worth a shot!

Incidentally, both skirts are from Urban Outfitters, but are no longer available. You may be able to find them via secondhand sources.


Will my inner Disney Dandy ever be satisfied? In a word, no. I’ve got more fun Disney clothes to share in the coming weeks. See ya then!

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