Who Has Two Thumbs, The Booster Shot & Is Going To WDW?

Scrubs Two Thumbs

THIS GIRL! Me! I have two thumbs, the COVID booster shot, and I’m going to WDW this weekend!!!

To be honest, this Walt Disney World trip is stressing me out a teensy bit. I almost wrote a post about it – the COVID, and the Genie+, the Lightning Lanes, etc. etc. I thought maybe we could commiserate a bit. But then I thought, y’know, I’m not telling anyone anything they don’t already know, so I deleted the post draft. All the same, I’m still a little anxious.

Worried WDW Minnie

But not very anxious, because ultimately, I’m going to Walt Disney World. A bad day at WDW beats a good day in the office, right? And at least without FastPasses the trip gets a lot more flexible. And I always say I learn best by doing.

So with all that in mind, here is my modest list of goals for this trip:

– Step 1: Wake up on time for my race. Always first priority.

– Bask in some milder weather than Puerto Rico! In fact, the highs are in the low 70s at the beginning of the week; I’ve even made some last-minute changes to my trip wardrobe (tagging you in, Mouse jeans).

– Tequila tasting at La Cava!

– Get Pat on Splash Mountain one more time before the Tiana-fication.

– Also! Get Pat on Rise of the Resistance for the first time. If that means paying for Lightning Lane, FINE. But only this once.

– Oh, man, he hasn’t done Flight of Passage either! It’s been awhile.

– MAYBE shoot for a spot in the lounge at Space 220. Probably not, because I hear the lines are unthinkably long. But a girl can dream.

Eat all the Food & Wine Festival snacks!

Enjoy another Disney Springs bar crawl.

– Two words: Gideon’s. Bakehouse.

As per usual, and reservations not withstanding, I CAN’T WAIT. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to vicariously participate in my shenanigans. Disney or bust!

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