Jenn’s 2021 Epcot Food & Wine Festival To-Eat List

Epcot Food & Wine Festival

You know what’s the worst? Reading all the amazing reviews of foods and drinks at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival when you know you’re not going this year.

You know what’s the BEST? Reading all the amazing reviews of foods and drinks at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival when you know you’re going this year!

My hotel is booked, my race registration is complete, and now it’s time to get down to the real business: defeating the huns making my short list of snacks and sips to try. I used this DFB list as a resource if you wanna follow along. Shall we? We shall!


THE ALPS | Warm raclette Swiss Cheese with… | With what? With whatever! There are two options and I’ll let Pat pick.

APPLESEED ORCHARD | Cider flight | … or possibly the beer flight? That’s a tough choice.

BELGIUM | Waffle with warm chocolate ganache | And maybe a Delirium Red Fruit beer to wash it down with…

BRAZIL | Pao de queijo | Love! Even if my carioca friend Erika does say you can find them in any Brazilian grocery store freezer.

BREW-WING | Wicked Weed Brewing Watermelon Dragonfruit Session Sour | It’s watermelon! It’s a sour! Did they make it just for me?!

BREW-WING | Cider flight | And every other cider flight, forever.

CANADA | Cheddar cheese soup | In it for the pretzel bread.

CHINA | Beef bao bun | Or anything in a bao bun. Or a plain bao bun; I’ll eat it.

CHINA | Jasmine draft beer | You put a floral in a drink and I will buy it every time.

FRANCE | Beignet aux Trois Fromages | I think the description speaks for itself.

GERMANY | Roast bratwurst in pretzel roll | See above note about pretzel bread.

HAWAII | Spam hash | SPAM. HASH.

HAWAII | Tuna poke | Basically Hawaii can get it.

HOPS & BARLEY | 81Bay Brewing Co. Strawberry & Lime | Strawberry and lime WHAT? I must know.

INDIA | Warm Indian bread | NAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

INDIA | Madres red curry | I frickin’ love curry.

JAPAN | Teriyaki chicken bun | You steam it, I eat it.

MAC & EATS | Macs and cheeses | WHY IS THERE NO FOOD FLIGHT?

MEXICO | Capirotada de chocolate | Bread pudding is my FAVORITE.

MEXICO | Mexican craft beer | You know I love that Caribbean water.

MEXICO | El Tigre Margarita | Pat = Tigre, so.

THE NOODLE EXCHANGE | Shrimp & coconut curry with rice noodles | Again, gotta love the curry.

THE NOODLE EXCHANGE | Green tea pale ale | I’m not big on pale ales but I’m huge on green tea so let’s give it a go.

SHIMMERING SIPS | Mimosa flight | In it for the POG juice but that cranberry one does sound intriguing…

THE SWANKY SAUCY SWINE | Black currant sour | Sours are my JAM (get it?).

TANGIERINE CAFE | Cider flight | These flavors sound weird. I dig it.

Clearly I have my delicious work cut out for me.

Every time I look at the calendar is a fresh punch to the face: I won’t be eating any of this for months, guys. But hey, it’s always good to have something to look forward to!

This year’s Food & Wine Festival is already in full swing, so tell me: having a missed anything important? Have I made any massive mistakes? My epicurean future lies with you!

Don’t forget, you can follow FRoA on Twitter @fairestrunofall and on Instagram @fairestrunofall. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment or email See ya real soon!

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