39 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching The Disneyland Tenth Anniversary Special

Disneyland Partners Statue

We’ve done the pre-opening report. We’ve done the opening ceremony broadcast. Today in my ongoing Thoughts While Watching series we’ll be rounding out the old school parks trilogy with Disneyland’s tenth anniversary television special.

Watch along because I think it’s well worth your time – Pirates, the Haunted Mansion, tons of rare characters, fun behind the scenes footage, a gazillion Imagineers, and a greater understanding of why so many retirees find the #MeToo movement confusing. C’mon, press play.

And now! 39 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching Disneyland’s Tenth Anniversary Special:

  1. Awww, it’s the “World of Color” theme song! Cue the fountains.

  2. One of these days I’m gonna run a race in a Disneyland tour guide costume. Do you think they’d let me bring a riding crop?

  3. I like a gal who breaks the fourth wall immediately.

  4. “I must say the judges showed good judgment.” Was that creepy? I can’t decide.

  5. Mary Blair in the flesh! The colored lights thing is neat.

  6. Ooh, and John Hench! Apparently he knows all the pretty girls…?

  7. I must say these models are VERY convincing close up.

  8. Marc Davis is next. They’re hitting up all the big name Imagineers.

  9. The vibe with Julie is weird. Stop taking pictures of her, Walt.

  10. Roland Crump! Where’s your tie, man?

  11. A mini Pepper’s Ghost!

  12. Ah, yes, Blaine Gibson. I don’t know who a single K-Pop star is but I know all these guy’s names for sure.

  13. Hmmm, I don’t recognize this pirate model. I’ll have to look for him next time.

  14. I do believe that’s Claude Coates. He got Rolly’s polo shirt memo.

  15. I like looking through the ring to see the same view as the audience. So clever in an age before modern computers.

  16. We wants the redhead!

  17. That Tink, so helpful.

  18. I half expect this toy soldier to spin his drum right off.

  19. Oh my God, are those Lady and the Tramp costumes? They are TERRIFYING.

  20. Why is Cinderella, if that’s indeed who she is, wearing a yellow polka dot dress?

  21. No Disney celebration IS complete without Mary Poppins. Not a bad one, either. I tend to be picky about my face characters.

  22. I’m getting “Be Our Guest” vibes from these dancing birthday candles.

  23. Wait, is that a costumed hag from Snow White? That’s… an interesting take.

  24. I begin to think people only hated the Cakestle because it didn’t break into individual pieces and then perform a highly synchronized dance.

  25. To paraphrase Chandler Bing: it’s just not a parade without the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

  26. There’s a costumed alligator from Peter Pan? Dang, old people were SPOILED.

  27. That’s funny, I don’t remember there being an Imagineer named Richard Nixon.

  28. Watching the monorail drive through the esplanade past Main Street makes me happy.

  29. Ooh, or maybe I’ll make a Matterhorn Rappeller race costume.

  30. Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland looks like the sort of ride I would dig. Couldn’t we have it AND Big Thunder?

  31. These sailors look like they walked right off the set of Anchors Aweigh. And to think Walt told Gene Kelly he couldn’t use Mickey Mouse in the movie.

  32. I’ll always be loyal to the original Parent Trap. Starring Haley Mills and Haley Mills!

  33. Where are they getting all these foreign dignitaries?

  34. I wish the Tiki Room still had a barker bird.

  35. Nuns in Adventureland! It’s always been a thing!

  36. Snap, did the Tiki Room CMs legit used to dress like that?

  37. I would ride the riverboat more often if it came with big band music and sparklers.

  38. Johnny Tremain! We read that in… sixth grade? I wonder if we watched the Disney special; alas, I can’t remember.

  39. The Sherman Brothers wrote that birthday song? Maybe not their best work.

And that’s another Disneyland special in the bag! I’ve been really enjoying watching these vintage bits of Disney history and free associating nonsense. I hope you find it suitably entertaining, because there’s lots more to cover. I think next time we might try something a little more recent… and snackable.

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