Disneyland Partners Statue

39 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching The Disneyland Tenth Anniversary Special

We’ve done the pre-opening report. We’ve done the opening ceremony broadcast. Today in my ongoing Thoughts While Watching series we’ll be rounding out the old school parks trilogy with Disneyland’s tenth anniversary television special. Watch along because I think it’s well worth your time – Pirates, the Haunted Mansion, tons of rare characters, fun behind the scenes footage, a gazillion Imagineers, and a greater understanding of why so many retirees find the #MeToo movement confusing. C’mon, press play. And now! 39 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching Disneyland’s Tenth Anniversary Special: Awww, it’s the “World of Color” theme song! Cue the...

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That's What Tiggers Like Best

In Which Jenn Picks Her Very Favorite Posts

Hey guys! As of a couple weeks ago, this little blog (it’s called The Fairest Run Of All, but you can always glance up at the header if you forget again) turned eight years old. This isn’t as big a deal as the sort of anniversary that has a five on the end of it, but not bad, right? A good run so far. We’ve racked up a heckuva lot of posts over the years, and I figured this would be as good a time as any to comb through the archives and put together a list of my...

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Disney fireworks

In Which This Is Jenn’s One Thousandth Blog Post

I stopped celebrating this blog’s birthday a couple years in (it’s in July, if you’re wondering, and we’re currently over seven years on). After a while, with no 5 or 0 on the end of the number, it felt kinda redundant. But something about 1,000 posts feels like it warrants some mention, so here we are. This is my one thousandth post! You’re reading it right now! I would like to thank: my brain, for refusing to stop thinking and rethinking things until I exorcise them by writing them down my body, for letting me continue to run and...

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Weird anniversary card

In Which FRoA Is 5 & WDW Is Imminent

Hey hey hey! Here’s a fun fact: as of yesterday, this blog is 5 years old! FIVE!   And to celebrate, I’m off to the beach with Pat’s family. PEACE.   Oh, but – as soon as I get back from the beach, I’m immediately heading to the airport for that convention in Orlando. That’s right; I’ll be coming at you LIVE from WDW. Hotcha!    As is traditional, here is my pre-trip bucket list: Go for some runs on the Boardwalk Search out some of that rose gold stuff that I’m basic enough to want but am never fast...

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The Fairest Run Of All

In Which This Blog Is Three

Wanna hear something weird? The Fairest Run Of All is three years old today! (In celebration, I tweaked the layout/design a little. Thoughts?) I started this blog with Moon with the initial goal of trying to eventually run all the runDisney races, which three years ago was a much less daunting task. The growing roster of races plus the reality of how budgeting actually works made for a pretty quick pivot away from that completionist goal, but we’ve still made the most out of all the running and racing we can, meeting some awesome people along the way. Sadly, Moon...

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Happy Birthday

Happy Blogiversary!

JENN: It’s time to break out the confetti and festive hats, because it’s our BLOGIVERSARY! The Fairest Run of All is one year old as of yesterday! (And we would’ve posted about that yesterday but it was Week In Review day and one must adhere to the schedule at all costs, no?) Read our first post here. MOON: Wow!! No confetti, but I seriously just blew mustard all over my hand. Celebratory condiments. JENN: Go ahead, ask me. Ask me what I’m going to do next. MOON: What are you going to do next?! JENN: I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! … Like,...

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