Disneyland Partners Statue

39 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching The Disneyland Tenth Anniversary Special

We’ve done the pre-opening report. We’ve done the opening ceremony broadcast. Today in my ongoing Thoughts While Watching series we’ll be rounding out the old school parks trilogy with Disneyland’s tenth anniversary television special. Watch along because I think it’s well worth your time – Pirates, the Haunted Mansion, tons of rare characters, fun behind the scenes footage, a gazillion...

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The Fairest Run Of All

In Which This Blog Is Three

Wanna hear something weird? The Fairest Run Of All is three years old today! (In celebration, I tweaked the layout/design a little. Thoughts?) I started this blog with Moon with the initial goal of trying to eventually run all the runDisney races, which three years ago was a much less daunting task. The growing roster of races plus the reality...

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Happy Birthday

Happy Blogiversary!

JENN: It’s time to break out the confetti and festive hats, because it’s our BLOGIVERSARY! The Fairest Run of All is one year old as of yesterday! (And we would’ve posted about that yesterday but it was Week In Review day and one must adhere to the schedule at all costs, no?) Read our first post here. MOON: Wow!! No...

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