In Which FROA Is Fixed/Wine & Dine Is On

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Hello humans! Welcome back to the new, hopefully improved The Fairest Run Of All! My apologies for the abrupt and lengthy service interruption these last couple weeks; I finally got around to transferring from antiquated Blogger to fancypants WordPress, and the process was simultaneously slower and faster than I expected.

The good news is, with the exception of some cosmetic/design/organizational elements I’m still refining, FROA is back and the content starts a-flowin’ again! Check back soon for more of the ravings of a Disney madwoman. It’s not always edifying, but I like to think we have fun.

And speaking of fun, let’s double down on the celebration with this magnificent image:

Yup, I successfully registered for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon! I was right there at 10am on registration morning, with three devices open and my heart in my throat. I was sure all the races would sell out early; heck, I was even considering getting an otherwise useless Club runDisney membership next time just for the presale access. Luckily I made it through in plenty of time… and in fact, I could’ve shown up late. I could show up right NOW – as of this writing, only the 10k is in fact sold out. Even the usually competitive Two Course Challenge is still available. All that anxiety for nothing, right? Story of my life.

So yeah! Tune in next week for more Disney nonsense as only I could write it. Why? Because I like you!

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