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Disney Wardrobe

Hello and welcome back to another edition of What I’m Going To Wear To Walt Disney World! Last time I posted my trip wardrobe after I got home, and while it was due to extenuating circumstances I considered doing the same for this trip. However, an informal Instagram poll seemed to indicate that you guys prefer it before. And I get that – anticipation is a delicious flavor. I believe Spock said something similar once. Do Starfleet crews ever spend their shore leave at Disneyland? Where’s that Disney crossover episode?

Before we begin our Lower Decks letter-writing campaign, let’s return to the matter at hand: what am I going to wear to Walt Disney World this weekend? Well…


For the first day I wanted something I could change into quickly and easily, since I can’t be sure my room will be ready when I arrive. To that end, I’m keeping it pretty chill with some shorts and a tank, plus my Coach x Keith Haring Mickey ballcap. It’s finally getting its day in the sun!

Disney wardrobe

Since all of that is so monochromatic, I threw on some pink Color in Motion 5K knee socks I bought waaaaay back at the beginning of my running journey to liven things up a bit. Are they too much? I may ask Instagram if they’re too much…

Oh, and you can get my iridescent Adidas slides here!*


An Oga’s Cantina reservation deserves a Star Wars outfit to match. While I considered my Batuu-bound outfit, I feel like that would be more fun with someone similarly attired, and Pat’s not much for dressing up. Instead, I present to you my C-3P0 flannel from Cakeworthy. I enjoy Threepio’s antics, but I must confess I bought it for the quote on the back. I can relate.

Disney wardrobe

The dress is from H&M; it’s out of stock at the time of this writing but could come back? All things are possible. Disney socks too!


Race day is also scheduled to be a rest day, but we do have one major plan: dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse! A fancy dinner reservation requires a fancy outfit to match.

Disney wardrobe

My shirt is from Pinup Girl Clothing and the corset/bustier/belt is from Etsy (and I highly recommend it if you’re in the market for that kinda of thing – the zipper is clutch). The AMAZING small world Mary Blair skirt, though? It’s Modcloth by brand but I didn’t get it there; in fact, it’s a secondhand miracle find from Thredup!*

In truth, I would love to finish this outfit off with my Timberland heeled booties, but a carry-on-only girl only has so much suitcase space. The Mary Blair socks will have to serve.

(Keep an eye on my Instagram page Saturday evening to get a glimpse of my race costume!)


I was originally going to wear my Figment sweater to Epcot, but since this year’s Wine & Dine Race Weekend Challenge is themed to Figment, I’m pressing pause on that ensemble for now.

Disney wardrobe

Instead, I’m trying something new – dressing to match the festival. Epcot will be in full Flower & Garden Festival mode, so I’ll be dressing in an homage to Spike the Bee! My gingham maxi skirt is embroidered with little flowers; it’s from Old Navy but tragically no longer in stock. This Amazon find is similar, though.*

My bee shirt has an interesting provenance – I bought it from the Art Walk that pops up every Thursday in Rincón, a town on the west side here in Puerto Rico. There’s a super talented artist who consistently displays her artwork there, and I watched her slice this t-shirt into a crop just for me! I don’t think she has an e-commerce site, but her Instagram is here. DM her and she might sell ya one.


Since we’re mostly getting up and going home, no real outfit plans for this one. I’m gonna throw on leggings and my Gideon’s wolf girl t-shirt.

And that’s it – I’m all packed up and ready to go. Tune in tomorrow for my trip to-do list, and then it’s time… we’re going to Disney World!!!

* Affiliate link

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