In Which Jenn Shows Off More Disney Dresses

Normally I save my Disney Dandy posts for upcoming Disney trip wardrobe reveals, but I am disturbingly low on upcoming Disney trips. I definitely have some planned, but the first isn’t until January if I’m lucky and it feels a bajillion years away. How am I supposed to replenish my mental health from outside Orlando?!

Anyway. As I was saying, it’s gonna be a minute before I can share a trip wardrobe post, so let’s just pretend, shall we? I’ve snapped up some sweet second-hand Disney finds in the last year or so and I want to show them off.
The first three were all from ThredUp* but I know for a fact that at least two were sold at Hot Topic and I feel like the last one was too? Not that I regularly troll Hot Topic’s Disney clothing selection or anything…
So we’ve got the Snow White collared dress, which particularly eagle-eyed and elephant-memoried Twitter followers might remember from years ago, when I polled the crowd on which of three Disney dresses I should buy for my next trip. I wound up purchasing my Peter Pan dress, but when the previously rejected Snow White number popped up on ThredUp I remembered it immediately/had to have it.
Slightly easier to remember but still a deep cut, longtime readers may recall how I did an entire post on this Marie dress. And then… wound up not buying it. And then when I wanted to they were out of my size. But then I found it on ThredUp and my wardrobe was complete (hahahaha AS IF – Cher Horowitz).
The Frozen cameo heads dress was an impulse purchase during a sale. To be honest it’s a little subtle for my tastes, and I’m not even super intro Frozen (Moana FTW!). But I knew my nieces would dig it, and sure enough when I wore it to Thanksgiving the older one clocked that my dress had Anna and Elsa on it in like ten seconds. Kids know what they like.
And finally, my Baymax dress! There’s a white Baymax costume dress floating around out there that I kinda wish I’d gotten instead, but as we’ve discussed at length before, white shows sweat and black does not. This dress I snagged on Poshmark for a mere $5! If there’s a piece of Disney clothing you wish you’d picked up back in the day, definitely check Poshmark – it may just be hiding there.
Good hunting, everyone!
What are your latest Disney purchases? Are you also bereft whenever not safe in WDW’s loving embrace?
* Affiliate link, as you do.
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In Which Jenn Wants To Go To WDW… In Her Pajamas?

Like many of your parents too, I’m sure, my parents number among the worshipers at the altar of Costco. I’m not a member myself, but I must admit to enjoying the odd trip when I visit them; Costco has so much STUFF to poke around in!

Some of that stuff, believe it or not, is Disney stuff, and when my mom offered to send me some Minnie Mouse pajamas, I wasn’t about to refuse.
Look how cute they area! They’re soft and pink and even have pockets! Why, they’re so cute they almost look like… a matching shorts set…
Okay, hear me out. You know how lately it’s a thing to wear pajamas on the red carpet? Zendaya’s done it, and Billie Eilish, and Rashida Jones, and Tilda Swinton of course because she would. You can totally do it and it’s totally chic as long as you elevate it in the accessories.
What I’m trying to say is… I can wear my Minnie Mouse pajamas to the parks, right? Look! I tucked in the shirt and added ears and sneakers and the Kate Spade purse I got for my birthday! Sweet drip, right? (Is that how you use drip? I’ve only ever heard it from Hasan Minhaj but it sounded cool when he said it.)
I mean, it’s not like I’m naked. I can’t see why Disney would have any objection –
Well? Should I take the shot or stick to, like, actual clothes?

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In Which Jenn Goes Online Disney Thrifting

Psst. I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s related to being a Disney Dandy. If you aren’t already aware, I am one – I loooove to dress up Disney-style in the parks. Of course, good Disney outfits don’t necessarily come cheap. That’s where my secret comes in.

Enter Thredup.* I’m sure you’ve already heard of it, but just in case: it’s basically an online thrift store. You can send in your clothes for a small profit, and/or you can browse the one-of-a-kind offerings after the fashion of a garage sale. If you’re willing to wear used clothing, you can nab some very impressive deals.

(Note, though, that the quality of the site experience and customer service are about as good as you might expect at a garage sale. Think incorrect listings, a poor search function, and annoying shipping and restocking fees. Go in with the knowledge that you are taking a risk, and mine those deals accordingly.)

Anyway, my point is that of course Thredup has Disney clothing! I can’t tell you what Disney clothing exactly, because in true thrift store fashion there is generally only one of something and once someone buys it, it’s gone. But I have a permanent search out on the term “Disney” and it’s shown me all sorts of things – parks merchandise, cute Mickey t-shirts, a Bambi skirt, Peter Pan leggings, Jack Skellington sweatshirts, even my exact Lion King dress.

One thing I’ve noticed as that the term “Disney” seems to be applied across brands – for example, that Hot Topic Lion King dress referenced above comes up in the search, even though it’s not sold through by Disney directly. So you probably don’t need to do separate searches to look for, say, Dooney & Burke or LeSportsac collaborations. Mind you, if that’s what you’re hardcore searching for, you might want to try separate brand searches too. I haven’t seen anything like that come through, so I can’t be sure.

So if you, too, are a Disney Dandy, definitely check it out.* But don’t buy the things I want. They’re MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE

*Affiliate link. If you use it, we each get $10 to spend on the site. But I’m not partnered with them or anything. You can also just open a new tab and search it fresh; no hard feelings!

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In Which Jenn Is A Truly Cultured Music Student

Look, you can make fun of me all day and all night for being on the Hot Topic mailing list, but their Disney collection is unmatched. So when I got an email informing me that they had just added a bunch of new dresses to their Disney collection, I eagerly clicked through. Cute, cute, cute, I thought, scrolling along, with reasonable but not galvanizing enthusiasm… until I saw THIS dress.

I think we can all agree that I NEED this dress. Under normal circumstance I would slap it on my Christmas list, but then I can’t wear it during my November WDW trip, and that’s sad. It’s sad.

Therefore I may need to buy it ahead of time. After all, I did talk myself out of buying any of the cute but expensive Mary Blair dresses. If I wait for one of those frequent discount codes, it’s an economically sound decision… right? Now, if only someone would make a dress themed to Si and Am from Lady & The Tramp, I’d be set.

Play us out, maestro.

Do you like wearing Disney-themed clothing in the parks? Where do you like to source your stash? What’s your favorite piece?

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