In Which Jenn Assembles An EVE Disneybound

EVE Disneybound

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!


Before our trip even started, I was being a total weirdo asked Becky if she would be interested in doing some light coordination of our daily park wardrobes. Rather than kicking my Disney Dandy butt to the curb, she sweetly agreed AND did me one better: did I want, she asked, to do a coordinating Disneybound?

Full disclosure: I’ve never actually done a true Disneybound outfit. Shocker! Disney-adorned apparel, yes, always; some of my Disney dresses could even be argued as putting one toe over the line of cosplay (looking at you, Ursula dress). But an actual Disneybound – where you dress up in colors and styles that evoke a character rather than featuring or straight dressing up in a costume as a character – was a new one for me.

Wall-E Meets Up
Reppin’ my two favorite Pixar films.

Obviously I was game, though, and immediately suggested we do one of my favorite Disney-Pixar pairings, Wall-E and EVE. Becky was kind enough to roll with it, and we assigned me to the role of EVE to her Wall-E. (Check out her Wall-E Disneybound outfit here.) We wore our outfits on our Disney’s Animal Kingdom day and got multiple compliments so I’m calling it a success!

Want to put together your own EVE Disneybound? Here’s how I did it:

EVE Disneybound

You’ll want a white base for your EVE, because, well, it’s EVE and she’s all white. If you’re particularly self-conscious, I suppose you could do something black with strong white accents, but I really think all white is the way to go. I wore the “Walk to the Beat” eyelet romper from Free People, which is no longer available on the site, but you can find it on resale; I myself bought mine on eBay. If you’d prefer to avoid something secondhand but want something similar, this one from Forever 21 might do the trick.

Oh, I didn’t include them in my flat lay, but I did happen to have white sneakers as well. I say always prioritize walking comfort when at WDW, but if you happen to want my particular pair you can find them here. (All Amazon links are affiliate links!)

EVE Disneybound

My EVE hat I got from Amazon, believe it or not, for use in a future race costume. The seller I got it from is out of stock, but if you search it looks like there are other vendors. You might be able to find it on reseller sites too.

Alternatively, I know Etsy has EVE hats and ears you could investigate. Or, if you wanna get a little more interpretive, you could do something like blue and white fake flower hair clips. These blue and white ones came from Amazon too.

The EVE plant icon pin came from Etsy, in a set with the E pin Becky used for Wall-E. I purchased the 3″ version.

Last but not least, the EVE face mask was printed by Becky expressly for me, because she loves me. She doesn’t currently have masks for sale, but go ahead and favorite her Etsy shop in case she starts. Hopefully we won’t need masks sometime soon but it never hurts to be prepared.

EVE Disneybound

By the way, since my primary life experience is in being a girl, I designed these instructions largely around a girl-type outfit. Feel free to extrapolate if you want to make it more masculine. Or androgynous. Or MORE feminine! Float your own boat, that’s what I always say. After all, EVE can fly under her own power, no?

Wall-E & EVE in PandoraWall-E & EVE in Pandora

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