In Which Jenn Uses Space Mountain to Triumph Over Moon’s Ex-Boyfriend

JENN: This is another story from our 2004 high school orchestra trip to Orlando.

It was the very last night of the trip, and we spent the afternoon/evening in the Magic Kingdom. I had been to Disney’s California Adventure a couple years earlier where I learned about the recently instituted FastPass program, so the moment we stepped into the park I herded everyone toward the Space Mountain FP kiosks.

This was before Moon’s Roller Coaster Renaissance, so she made friends with the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover. How many times would you say you rode?

MOON: Umm… I think enough where I didn’t actually have to get off and re-enter anymore!

JENN: Did you ever get off and do anything else, or was it just TTA on loop until we got off the ride?

MOON: TTA all the way, baby.

JENN: Nice! So when our FP return window opened up, we dropped Moon off at the TTA entrance and whooshed merrily through the FP line.

Just setting the scene.

The regular standby line was about two hours, if I recall correctly (that’s what spring and a school music festival will do to you).

MOON: Never go to WDW during a school music festival. Well, unless you’re participating. 😉

JENN: As we walked past the line, we happened to see Moon’s ex-boyfriend perched on the line divider. He took one look at us whizzing past and said this: “Oh, you bastards.” And that is why FastPass wins.

And so we rode Space Mountain AND had time to fit in a jaunt on the Jungle Cruise. TADA!

MOON: Dang. I should have gotten on that ride! I’m actually surprised he noticed you guys.

JENN: The line was LONG and this was before the installed the video games in the standby queue. There wasn’t anything to do BUT notice things.

MOON: Even still. You know what I’m talking about.

JENN: Haha, I DO.

And that is how we used Walt Disney World to triumph over Moon’s ex. Truly it is a place of wonder.

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