The Fairest Week in Review: 10/15

Treadmill broken

Sorry about this whole day late thing! I had yesterday off and wound up getting in a REALLY long run – but that’s this week’s training, not last week’s, so more on that later.

Speaking of this week’s training, if you follow us (mostly me) on Twitter you may have suffered through a fair amount of me kvetching all last week about the broken treadmills in my apartment’s gym. Yes. BOTH broke at the same time. I had to do THREE of my runs outdoors. I know I already touched on the subject once, but I think this week is going to have to include another treadmill vs. outdoors post, with multi-pronged arguments and charts. Okay, not charts. Probably.

Anyway, the treadmills were finally both fixed by Thursday, just in time to save me from the outdoor-run-ruining DELUGE of rain that assaulted the Baltimore-Washington area for many, many days. Thank God for small miracles, at least!

Ah… sweet treadmill.

Let’s see… musically… um… I’ve been digging on Flogging Molly’s “This Present State of Grace” lately. Um… This music segment was a lot more fun when Moon was involved. Which reminds me! Her mom is, in fact, responding to treatment! So hopefully Moon will be around more again soon!

b < — (This comes to you direct from my cat Minx. She likes to walk across my keyboard. Repeatedly. Even when she has other path alternatives.)

Same to you, bucko.

Thank you for that valuable insight, Minxie. On to the roundup!

Sarah at Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free in WDW ran her first runDisney 5K! Yay!
The Disney Parks Blog just announced a running store opening at Downtown Disney! WE MUST VISIT.
Prairie Princess Runners has the scoop on how to prevent melting away in your runDisney race costume – including a segment on running with makeup! (We here at FROA talk about that here.)
Live, Run, Grow discusses the fine art of the ice bath.
Sarah of Running at Disney got to run at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort!
Running, Loving, Living drives home the importance of the proper sneaker.
I Run for Cookies shares my ire over this silly anti-slow movement that keeps popping up.
– And finally, Margaritas, Miles, and the Mouse shares the most apropos “Hey girl” ever.

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  1. Glad to see your treadmills are fixed! It's funny how everyone has very different feelings about the treadmill. I for one would rather run in the rain then be stuck inside on the treadmill! Good luck with your training.

  2. I have come to realization that the rain wins out over the treadmill. At least in my apartment's gym because I can't be trapped and forced to watch the Jersey Shore against my will. I REFUSE. Plus when people congratulate me for running in the rain and I was just on the treadmill… well… Yeah.

  3. Running while it's sprinkling or even raining lightly, sure. I've even rather enjoyed that in warmer weather. But did you seriously run in that crazy episodic rainstorm we have last week? RESPECT. (But you'll have to whip up some MAJOR sweet talk if you ever expect me to join you. 😉

  4. Thanks for including my ice bath post, it was actually fun to write and taking the pictures was a good distraction from actually sitting in a tub full of ice!

    I think I've only run on a treadmill a handful of times, I wish I had better access to one (I don't belong to a gym) so I could use it for speed work and temp runs, but right now it's all outside for me!

  5. Sure thing! I mean, I HAD to post your version – the odds of me doing it are slim to none. 😉 You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

  6. Thanks for linking to my blog about The Slowest Generation. The whole thing is so silly, I am surprised it gets as much press as it does! It's a shame! Keep on running girls!

  7. Agreed! Completely illogical – who is it hurting? Nobody, and people get good solid exercise. It's like saying to the public, "You need to get in shape, but first, here's a list of ways you're not allowed to do it." Luckily bloggers don't take that sass!

  8. Before you think me mad, it was drizzling when I went out and then I had no other way of getting home and I didn't want to loiter under the awning of an embassy and get shot…

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