Ursula lipstick

In Which Jenn & Moon Discuss Running While Wearing Makeup

JENN: This is a topic that has been pinging around in my skull for some time: running in makeup. I remember for the Princess Half Marathon I put on some foundation because it has SPF 15 and I am the world’s palest pale person. By the end of the race I can’t be sure I didn’t sweat it all off. But I remember looking around and seeing all these fellow runners wearing beautifully made-up faces, often featuring thick-drawn eyeliner and glittery eyeshadow. Which I totally get, because it’s the PRINCESS Half Marathon, and even for runDisney generally, costumes tend...

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Snow White pie

An Ode to Bread Pudding (And a Gluten/Lactose-Free Recipe!)

This is a Jenn post. I figured I’d mention since it’s not in the post title. I am an acknowledged sweet tooth, and I’ll be the first to acknowledge it. If there were any possible way to achieve a balanced diet while consuming only dessert, I’d be the first person on board. One year for my birthday Moon gave me a can of frosting, and I was thrilled because as far as I’m concerned cake only exists as a conveyance for frosting anyway. Yay for eliminating the middleman! Indeed, there is no foodstuff in the world I love more...

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The Fairest Week in Review: 10/7

Last week my boss was all excited because her daughter’s wings had come in for her Halloween costume. Her daughter is going to be the… Halloween… Fairy… something? Apparently it’s a book? Anyway, my boss had them shipped to work, so she showed us: perfect, Tink-style fairy wings, only orange-y yellow. Half-joking, I declared that I would have to borrow them for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, and she replied with an enthusiastic YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THAT! So I now have wings, if I want them, and my boss reliably informs me that the wings would be the...

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Mickey camera

Photographic Memory: Our Friend the Epcot Outlet

JENN: It’s time for another Photographic Memory! First a little background: Moon and I went down to WDW in December of 2008. We rode Mission: Space a billion times, because Moon LOOOOVES Mission: Space. I mean, I too love Mission: Space, but Moon LOOOOOOOOOVES Mission: Space! Orange side only, please. We’ve never even ridden green. MOON: I looooooove space. This has nothing to do with WDW, but I hope the next Grand Theft Auto game is on the moon. Who cares about this city business. I want to rocket into space. But yeah, Mission: Space has a huge dork...

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Run for the Light House

In Which Jenn Recaps the Annapolis Run for the Light House Half Marathon

Never mind all those zombie 5Ks that are all the rage lately – let me tell you what it’s like to run a race in a post-apocalyptic world. The key: the Annapolis Run for the Light House Half Marathon. But first, to back up: if you missed my recap of packet pickup and sneaker purchase, click here to read that. Caught up? Great. After I got my packet I drove to my very dear friend Elizabeth‘s apartment, which was a good half hour closer to the start location than my own. She was kind enough to make me french...

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Picky about shoes

In Which Jenn Gets New Sneakers From Fleet Feet

The Annapolis Light House Half Marathon was last Sunday, and was so small that there was no expo, just packet pickup. This would not seem to warrant a special post, but since the pickup was at Fleet Feet I decided to get some LOOOOONG overdue sneakers while I was there. As far as I am concerned, new sneakers are very newsworthy! Because of her mother’s medical issues, Moon decided not to run, but she did want to meet me at Fleet Feet to look at sneakers. This plan suffered a small hiccup when I arrived at the designated address...

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