Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite Disney Character?


Hey, remember that post I promised for this week about treadmills vs. outdoors? Postponed to next week. Apologies! Hopefully I can appease you with the fact that Moon was available for this one! I can? GREAT! Right then; off to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Follow us on Twitter for more on that today!

JENN:  SQUIRTGUN TO YOUR HEAD! Who is your favorite Disney character?!

MOON: Mr. Ray. Or better yet: OOOOOOOhhhh Mr. Ray.

Favorite Disney character Mr. Ray
All knowledge exploring is oh so lyrical
when you think thoughts that are empirical!

JENN:  Haha, I thought you’d say Pluto.

MOON: Pluto was second choice.

Do you remember the bike puppet Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo: The Musical?

MOON: Yes! That was really cool. I want a bike like that.

JENN: I’ll have to work on that for your next birthday.

MOON: Ha! Okay, squirtgun turned on you.

JENN:  Ack ack ack. Um…………..



MOON:  …Oh.

JENN: Mulan and the Cheshire Cat were fighting for the crown (lion and unicorn style!) but I went with Eeyore because I quote him often.

“We can’t all, and some of us don’t.”

And of course, my perennial birthday favorite: “Can’t you see the cake? The candles? The presents? … Neither can I.”

And like me, he is a master speller. “W-O-L. That spells Owl.”


MOON:  Hahaha!

So, I’m sure everyone knows my mom is not doing so hot (although there has been progress and I am confident she will pull through!), so during her first hospital stay I brought Winnie the Pooh to read to her. My mom read to me a little when I was a child, but I have never read to her!

It was smooth sailing until Eeyore came into the narrative. Mom was not pleased with my Eeyore voice. I have to say, it takes a certain personality to nail it.

JENN: We should so do a Winnie the Pooh screenplay reading for her! I can be Eeyore, your dad can be Pooh, you can be Piglet, and Elizabeth can be Rabbit.

MOON: That suits us all pretty well!

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