Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite WDW Food?

JENN:  ALL RIIIIIIGHT. Squirtgun To Your Head! What is your favorite Walt Disney World food?

MOON:  fooooooood

JENN: You may, if you wish, divide into Dessert and Not-Dessert categories.

MOON: The most memorable food I can think of at the moment is the pineapple ice cream shake (I think it was a shake?).

JENN: Haha, you mean the Dole Whip float? Pineapple soft serve with pineapple juice?

MOON: That’s the winner! It’s pretty fantastic.

JENN: I would’ve guessed your answer would be trifle from afternoon tea. Dole Whip is, however, a most excellent choice. Classic!

After a great deal of soul searching and painfully and reluctantly rejecting the Writer’s Stop’s carrot cake cookie and any number of magnificent cupcakes, I have to go with ‘Ohana’s pineapple bread pudding. Because BREAD PUDDING.

MOON: Ha, I was going to suggest reminiscing about the Great Cupcake Search.

JENN: Not one of my finer hours. In my defense, though, Disneyland is WAY lacking in cupcakes.

MOON: Agreed. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you so determined and subsequently bummed out.

JENN: I take my frosting very seriously, as you know. Luckily, Earl of Sandwich has those brownie frosting sandwich things, but eating it in cupcakeless defeat arguably removes some of the beauty from the moment.

MOON: What’s your favorite non-dessert?

JENN: I must choose one that may or may not be defunct: sweet potato rolls from Tokyo Dining. Last time I was there they were not available, but I have hope. Sweet potato + sushi = OBVIOUSLY YES.

MOON: When I’m feeling tired and need some comfort food, my mind always thinks, “Oh right, Epcot has sweet potato maki…!”

JENN: If nothing else, they are an inspiration.

Squirtgun To YOUR Head! What’s your favorite WDW food?

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Squirtgun To Your Head: Least Favorite Disney Character?

JENN: It’s time for another Squirtgun To Your Head! As we put the figurative gun to the head of a character we don’t like. Yes, the question today is this: Who is your LEAST favorite Disney character?

I know mine: Boo from Monsters Inc.


I CANNOT STAND BOO. She straight up ruins Monsters Inc. for me. Not even Billy Crystal can save it, and I love me some Billy Crystal.

MOON: I haven’t seen Monsters Inc. yet, but I hear thiiiings.

JENN: A lot of people love the movie and think Boo is so cute. I spent the whole time wanting to kick her in the shins. Because I am a terrible person with a low tolerance for “adorable” small child antics that are actually REALLY IRRITATING. The only good thing she does is burst into tears when Sully accidentally scares her.

And now, as the hordes run my blackened, heartless shell out into the frozen tundra to die, who’s your least favorite?

MOON: Hmm, so I have some arbitrary dislikes, but here’s one with a reason. Bambi’s father (father-deer?…)

NOT PICTURED: The ideal single father.

JENN: Do you resent him for not showing up in Bambi’s life until he was no longer needed? I think his name is Prince, btw.

MOON: Absolutely.

JENN: Some men just can’t handle the pressures of paternal responsibility, I guess.

MOON: Haha, I feel like I made this post suddenly very serious.

JENN: I could talk about kicking a computer-generated toddler in the shins again if that would help?

MOON: Being 4-5 and remembering that Prince is a jerk is heeeeavy stuff.

JENN: You were wise beyond your years. That’s why you’re such an adept time traveler.

How about you, dear reader? How do you feel about Boo and Prince? What Disney characters rub you the wrong way, if it’s not too blasphemous to ask?

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Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite Disney Movie When You Were A Kid?

JENN: Squirtgun To Your Head time! What was your favorite Disney movie when you were a little kid?

MOON: How little are we talking?

JENN: I’d say… younger than ten. Whatever you watched most often in your single-digit years.

MOON: Mary Poppins.


Most often? Maybe Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


JENN: Oh my…

MOON: Okay, going with Mary Poppins. I wanted to be Burt when I was a kid; he always seemed to have interesting jobs.

This is also Ruffian’s favorite.

In fact, I’m not sure why I don’t have his instrumental outfit. I’m not sure why I don’t parade around Baltimore like that every day.

JENN: Neither am I. Your hat would be FULL of coins!

MOON: Your turn!

JENN: This may seem random, but: 101 Dalmatians. I would like to say it’s because I had such a keen ear for the jazzy masterpiece that is “Cruella deVille,” but if I’m being honest it’s probably just because PUPPIES.

My uncle bought me a 101 Dalmatians sleeping bag for Christmas when I was, oh, six or seven. I still have it. Oh, and I had a stuffed Perdita that I looooved. I drew comic strips about our adventures and everything.

MOON: I remember my mom almost let me have a Dalmatian once. I think she had a friend who was a breeder (is that the correct term?) and we were all set to take a puppy home… And I honestly don’t know what happened. My mom must have gotten cold feet.

JENN: Awww. Near miss.

MOON: No puppy for us.

JENN: If it helps, we didn’t get a dog until we found one. While my mom was on a business trip.

MOON: Ha, fair enough.

I eventually got a hamster. All was well.

What was YOUR favorite Disney movie when you were a little kid?

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Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite Disney Character?

Hey, remember that post I promised for this week about treadmills vs. outdoors? Postponed to next week. Apologies! Hopefully I can appease you with the fact that Moon was available for this one! I can? GREAT! Right then; off to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Follow us on Twitter for more on that today!

JENN:  SQUIRTGUN TO YOUR HEAD! Who is your favorite Disney character?!

MOON: Mr. Ray. Or better yet: OOOOOOOhhhh Mr. Ray.

All knowledge exploring is oh so lyrical
when you think thoughts that are empirical!

JENN:  Haha, I thought you’d say Pluto.

MOON: Pluto was second choice.

Do you remember the bike puppet Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo: The Musical?

MOON: Yes! That was really cool. I want a bike like that.

JENN: I’ll have to work on that for your next birthday.

MOON: Ha! Okay, squirtgun turned on you.

JENN:  Ack ack ack. Um…………..



MOON:  …Oh.

JENN: Mulan and the Cheshire Cat were fighting for the crown (lion and unicorn style!) but I went with Eeyore because I quote him often.

“We can’t all, and some of us don’t.”

And of course, my perennial birthday favorite: “Can’t you see the cake? The candles? The presents? … Neither can I.”

And like me, he is a master speller. “W-O-L. That spells Owl.”


MOON:  Hahaha!

So, I’m sure everyone knows my mom is not doing so hot (although there has been progress and I am confident she will pull through!), so during her first hospital stay I brought Winnie the Pooh to read to her. My mom read to me a little when I was a child, but I have never read to her!

It was smooth sailing until Eeyore came into the narrative. Mom was not pleased with my Eeyore voice. I have to say, it takes a certain personality to nail it.

JENN: We should so do a Winnie the Pooh screenplay reading for her! I can be Eeyore, your dad can be Pooh, you can be Piglet, and Elizabeth can be Rabbit.

MOON: That suits us all pretty well!

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Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite WDW Store?

JENN: Squirtgun to Your Head time! What’s your favorite store at Walt Disney World? Betcha it’s the same as mine!

MOON: It is!

I wonder if anyone reading this is thinking, “Yeah, me too.” We don’t even have to say it.

Why hello, sailor.

JENN: Well, I’m going to anyway, because it’s fun to say. MITSUKOSHI DEPARTMENT STORE! The magnificent fiscal sinkhole center of the Japan pavilion at Epcot.

MOON: Where you can find anything with a cat on it. My cat Hoodoo gets a different kitty dish every morning.

JENN: The kitchenware section is indeed AMAZING.

MOON: Yes, and let’s not revisit that story again.

JENN: I have a plate that says “Hustle Cat.” The dog was “Lucky Dog,” the bear was “Happy Bear,” and the cat… is a hustler. I love it.

At the back of that section they also have a little sake bar, which I have patronized once or twice but not explored NEARLY thoroughly enough for my liking.

MOON: I don’t know if I’m just too conditioned to go straight for cat merchandise when I enter the store, but I don’t remember you ever mentioning a sake bar. But I know you. You would have.   

JENN: It’s past the huge displays of gummy candy shaped like random stuff. I think I was with Elizabeth when I got a drink there.

MOON: Well, I would say that we should drink our way to Japan next time, but we know I won’t make it past Mexico.

JENN: Ha, sure we will. We’ll just share and go slow next time.

Mitsukoshi is also a great place to get gifts for anyone who likes anime or Hello Kitty, who is a particular favorite of my mother. I once bought her a Hello Kitty robe for Christmas. We are disinclined to completely grow up in my family.

MOON: Who doesn’t adore Hello Kitty? Everyone should have a Hello Kitty something.

JENN: There’s also a room full of beautiful dresses I can’t afford and incense with such wonderful smells that I once bought some as a wedding gift for a friend; the next time I went down to WDW, he gave me some money and told me to buy as much incense as the amount could get.

Oh, and Shinzi Katoh!!!

The Shinzi Katoh stuff is ADORABLE – funny and/or touching, oddly-worded-through-translation English phrases accompanied by the cutest illustrations, printed on bags and cards and notebooks and things.

JENN: I totally bought this. I mean, I had to.
I have an adopted black cat and a sense of narrative.

JENN: Whereas, if this is still there when I go back in
December, I’m buying it. My go-to stuffed animal was
(*cough*is*cough*) a gray rabbit.

JENN: I find this strangely poignant.

My mom is named Sheri and she loves cats; there are a few designs with a girl and her kitties labeled “Chéri with cats.” That’s like half my Christmas shopping DONE right there.

MOON: Jenn has stories to tell. I just have about 20 cat dishes in my kitchen.

JENN: Just cats? No bunnies or owls? Bunnies and owls have been big lately.

OH! That reminds me of another story. I once bought a mug there because the cats on it reminded me of my cat Minx.

I don’t have a photo of the mug but the designs on it were
the same as these plates.

You see what I’m saying.

And then someone at my old job STOLE IT. So keep a close watch on your Mitsukoshi souvenirs! They are irresistible enough to drive people to crime!

MOON: You should have stolen all the other cups and left a note. “The cups will be returned if the cat the returned to ME.”

JENN: Well, I handed in my two weeks’ noticed shortly after. REVENGE.

MOON: Hahaha, that works also. I would have taken all the other cups with me when I left.

JENN: I think my ultimate point is that I could easily empty my bank account at Mitsukoshi. Or redecorate my house, restock my kitchen cabinets, and revamp my wardrobe, should I ever win the lottery. Stupid rent payments, ruining my aesthetic aspirations.

MOON: Well, I suppose you need a place to put all the stuff, so rent is merely an extension of Mitsukoshi.

JENN: Ha! I’ll remind myself of that next time I pay.

What’s your favorite WDW store? Do you love Mitsukoshi too?!

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Squirtgun to Your Head: Favorite WDW Ride?

In my head I originally titled this series “Gun To Your Head,” the idea being that if someone were to hold a gun to your head and demand your favorite Disney ride and you can only say one with no caveats GO, what would you say?

But that seemed needlessly violent, given the subject matter, so I vote we call it Squirtgun To Your Head. Much friendlier.

So, ahem. I’m holding a squirtgun to your head. What is your favorite ride at Walt Disney World and why?

MOON: SPACESHIP EARTH! History of western civilization narrated by Judi Dench. And the sleepy monk.

I remember when you selected the French language track, and wound up SO disappointed because you expected Judi Dench speaking French. Which she really ought to, you know, because it rhymes.

I, as well as the French nation, have been let down.

JENN: Mine would have to be Expedition Everest, I think. It’s got thrills AND story! And sherpas! My mother had a Himalayan cat named Sherpa, because she’s clever, so I get excited at the mention of sherpas, because I’m weird.
Also, one of my favorite WDW memories is of the second time I dragged you onto the ride, but I’ll keep that one in my back pocket for our post on how I’m a terrible person who makes you ride roller coasters. 😀

MOON: I just HAD to see the yeti.

JENN: And it only took, what, four tries before you uncovered your eyes? 😉

MOON: I will say that I love that part of Animal Kingdom. And waiting in the line is pretty nice, actually. And a bucket full of tears.

Not pictured: Bucket full of tears.

JENN: Psh. You love it. And I would just like to note for the record that she goes on the ride voluntarily, even if she likes to pretend otherwise, and I don’t have to put a squirtgun to any part of her!

MOON: I have made a promise to myself: to man up.

JENN: And you’ve kept it!

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