The Fairest Week In Review: 3/16

Snow White

Marathon number seven is in the books! Let’s break it down:

Sunday | ran 6.27 miles on the treadmill in 1:05

Monday | ran 5.22 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes

Tuesday | walked 3.32 miles in 55 minutes, 70 minute ballet class

Wednesday | ran 4.19 miles in 50 minutes

Thursday | 60 minute ballet class
Went to the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon expo this day. As an expo it was kind of underwhelming, and none of the merch interested me particularly, but I did enjoy how uncrowded it was. I guess out-of-town runners are unlikely to take multiple days off work to get down here in advance?

I also got my corral moved up one, which was incredibly easy. I didn’t have to justify anything – the lady just asked what corral I wanted and I picked. Again, I really think we should be allowed to self-seed.

Friday | rest
Went to Marshalls on my lunch break and frantically ripped through the racks looks for some sort of warm additional layer for the race. Found a Nats tech pullover for $8, which hurts me because I’m an Orioles girl, but desperate times and all that.

I could tell I was starting to get Pat’s cold, which is just what you want before a marathon. But I did test my marathon outfit and it totally kept me warm, so: score.

Saturday | Rock ‘n Roll Marathon DC, official distance of 26.2 miles in an official time of 4:58:03.
New personal record! Also almost died of exposure. Race recap here.

I am quite surprised by how well I have recovered from that cold, hilly ordeal. My peroneus longus – that’s the muscle that runs along the outside of my lower leg down to the ankle, right? – is always a little sore after a marathon, but this time? Nothing. I’m taking this week off running, of course, but honestly I feel good to go.

What else, what else… FIVE WEEKS TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!

The Twilight Bark:

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