The Jenn Theory Of Pooh Personalities


This silly little idea is so simple and has such a long-standing history in my family that I can’t believe I haven’t shared it sooner. The concept is just this: Pooh Personalities.

Basically my family has a long held belief that everyone’s personality can be distilled into two characters from A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh, and by extension the Disney films (I have a ton of love for both). Certainly there may be elements of more than two characters that could describe parts of you at times depending, but you only ever need two characters to make up your essence.

Milne did a wonderful job of creating characters that are both easily understood and well-rounded, although admittedly some more than others. Traditionally we have defined them as follows:

Pooh: Philosophical. Unhurried. Largely gentle. Somewhat oblivious.

Piglet: Nervous. Anxious. Uncertain. Hopeful. Kind.

Tigger: Enthusiastic. Simultaneously generous and selfish. High self-esteem. Tendency to steamroller others.

Rabbit: Fondness for order. Unbridled crankiness in the face of disorder.

Owl: Professorial. Likes to share knowledge. Not always aware of how interested others are in said knowledge.

Eeyore: Gloomy (duh). Cynical. Secretly just wants love.

Kanga: Warm. Maternal.

Roo: Childlike, I guess. Kinda like a mini-Tigger, but I don’t think anyone has ever been described as Roo so whatevs.

Christopher Robin: Bisy Backson.

Gopher: He’s not in the book and he’s a ding-danged glad of it.

Anyway. Here’s how it works:

I am a combination of Piglet and Tigger. I am anxious and risk-avoidant, but when I get excited about something I go all in.

My dad is a combination of Pooh and Owl. He is philosophical and has a tendency to pontificate.

My mom is a combination of Piglet and Rabbit. She is anxious and likes things to be How They Are Supposed To Be.

My brother is a combination of Rabbit and Owl. We don’t get along.

Winnie the Pooh Rabbit

What’s your Pooh personality? Is this game completely idiotic or are we totally on to something? Should I have given Christopher Robin a real description? But, like, WHAT?

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