Babysitters on Board

In Which The Baby-Sitters Club Goes To Walt Disney World In 1988

Adulthood rite of passage: your parents move out of your childhood home, and they do a massive purge of their stuff. Some of that stuff is your stuff. They ask you if you want that stuff. You pick through the stuff, select a very small percentage of stuff you want to keep, and tell them to do whatever they want with the remainder of the stuff. Sell the stuff, recycle the stuff, toss the stuff. The key point is, you do not want the stuff. You have your own stuff. Too much stuff, really. You should probably purge some...

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The Jenn Theory Of Pooh Personalities

This silly little idea is so simple and has such a long-standing history in my family that I can’t believe I haven’t shared it sooner. The concept is just this: Pooh Personalities. Basically my family has a long held belief that everyone’s personality can be distilled into two characters from A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh, and by extension the Disney films (I have a ton of love for both). Certainly there may be elements of more than two characters that could describe parts of you at times depending, but you only ever need two characters to make up your...

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Moana Maui tattoo

In Which Jenn Is A Sailor ‘Cause A Sailor’s Been Tattooed

Mitzi Gaynor and Ethel Merman would never lie to me. Certainly not with Donald O’Connor watching. Forgive me as I go on a brief tangent, but I simply must show off my first tattoo. I know, I know; how could I go a non-Disney route? But The Phantom Tollbooth is one of my favorite books EVER, and once I settled on this illustration of Tock the watchdog I knew I was ready to take the plunge. I’m really happy with how it turned out! Also, I thought this was funny: “You have perfect skin for tattooing. It’s like it’s never...

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Mustache questions

In Which Jenn & Moon Are ‘Ached Some Questions

Hey, here’s something crazy – we’ve been tagged! We’ve been tagged twice! Thanks to Kellie and Kimberley for inexplicably expressing an interest in our inner workings. They’ve asked questions. We have answers! Four names that people call me, other than my real name: Moon says: Bek Sneaky Rebs Rebek (my Dad is not a creative soul) Jenn says: Jennifer (but why are you mad at me?) Hennifer Lopez Jenn-Jenn Seabiscuit Four jobs I have had:  Moon says: Photo editor College professor Cello teacher Easter Bunny (that’s right, you heard me) Jenn says:...

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Treadmill broken

The Fairest Week In Review: 9/30

JENN: How’d the whole running thing go last week? MOON: A confession! I did not run last week… I used only the elliptical. Every day. Because I wanted to finish a book that was really long. JENN: Haha, what book? MOON: Stone’s Fall by Iain Pears. I just wanted to know WHY he fell… Rather disappointed about some of the reveals, but mostly because I saw them coming. I like being surprised. JENN: You should run to audiobooks. MOON: I feel like inserting a Dexter reference to Deb, but I believe I’ve already used that card. Clift should be giving me lots of...

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Liebster Award

In Which Jenn & Moon Do the Liebster Award Thing

Fun fact: the fabulous Danielle of Live, Run, Grow nominated us for a Liebster Award! This question-trading blog series helps us all get to know our fellow bloggers. Read on for the answers to the questions Danielle set to us! 1. If you could run any race in the world, what would it be? JENN: I’m pretty excited for the WDW Marathon, but since I AM running it and the question seems to suggest a think-big mentality, I’m gonna say… the hypothetical Disneyland Paris half that doesn’t technically exist yet. Or, if you insist on something real, maybe a race in...

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