The Fairest Week In Review: 9/30

Treadmill broken

JENN: How’d the whole running thing go last week?

MOON: A confession! I did not run last week… I used only the elliptical. Every day. Because I wanted to finish a book that was really long.

JENN: Haha, what book?

MOON: Stone’s Fall by Iain Pears. I just wanted to know WHY he fell… Rather disappointed about some of the reveals, but mostly because I saw them coming. I like being surprised.

JENN: You should run to audiobooks.

MOON: I feel like inserting a Dexter reference to Deb, but I believe I’ve already used that card.
Clift should be giving me lots of audio to listen to soon. He said he would let me listen to the Outlander series. So, it will be a blushing and giggly few runs in the future.

JENN:  Oh my. That should be interesting.

MOON: Anyway, how was your week?

JENN: Pretty good! I had a really nice run on the Ocean City boardwalk. And then my other runs were fine… but… I seem to be falling back on the treadmill. In my defense, I most recently replaced an outdoor run with a treadmill run because it was POURING outside, but man… I liked it. So COMFORTABLE. I know I need to practice more outside, though. I will. I just <3 my treadmill, is all.

Random question for the readers – do you like your luggage? I bought my suitcase on the cheap and it died with predictable rapidity so I’m in the market for something, y’know, GOOD.

Ample cat storage space is of course key.

And with that out of the way: roundup!

The Runner’s Guide to WDW will help you get your Goofy/Dopey training on.
Fairytales ‘n Fitness has the scoop on Disney Magic Runs in foreign lands.
Pink Elephant on Parade perseveres through the long run.
Theme Park Insider points out that Disney is contradicting itself with its new videography and photography policies.
Food Fitness Fantasy moonlights on This Happy Place for ice creamy purposes.
WDW Magic has a recording of Off Kilter’s last show. And we all know how I feel about that.

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  1. My in-laws gave us a roomy, hard-sided luggage set from of all places Costco. And it ROCKS! It has made countless trips to Orlando, one to Italy and now one to California and nary a scratch to be seen. You may want to look in places like that, you never know what you may find.

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