In Which Jenn Runs In Ocean City, MD

Ocean City beach
I did it! I did it again! I ran on vacation! Less badly than last time even!I found myself on an unexpected trip to Ocean City, Maryland over a long weekend, and the comparatively cool weather encouraged me to get myself outside for a run. That and the boardwalk – everything is more fun on the boardwalk.

So I found myself stepping out onto an already unexpectedly well-populated boardwalk a little before 8AM (on vacation; this is the regular Monday equivalent of getting up at like 5AM). The condo we were in was practically smack dab in the middle of the stretch, and I decided to head in the direction I hadn’t seen yet.

Turns out there was a reason I hadn’t gone that way before – there wasn’t much. Just a series of hotels and condos and such punctuated by an occasional shop or restaurant. But the flat course, ocean view, and cool air agreed with me, and as I hit the sandy boardwalk’s end I finished my first mile in 9:12.7, according to my Garmin a new record.

Ocean City
Sign says “You’re not done until you touch the spot. Now turn around and do it again!”
But I didn’t actually touch the spot. I guess I’m still not done.

I doubled back, passed home base, and started off in the opposite direction with two miles behind me. My remaining two miles weren’t as good as the others; it was starting to get warm and I allowed myself some walk breaks. The Ocean City beach doesn’t have any dunes, at least not the beach by the boardwalk, so the excellent view continued. There was also an increase of shops and restaurants and people were beginning to hit the streets for breakfast; interesting people watching kept me reasonably entertained.

I hit the shark-through-the-building just after mile three. There was still some boardwalk left to potentially tread, but it narrowed considerably and I decided to turn around. I should’ve run all the way to the inlet – next time I WILL do this – but for the time I simply turned around and ran back to the condo for a total of a little over four miles. Then I showered and ate a donut so as to negate all the good effects of having run.

See? Shark-through-the-building. Believe it or not!

I enjoyed the course to a surprising degree, and I’m pretty sure that if I’d run the entirety of the boardwalk I could’ve clocked in at five miles. I could definitely see myself getting in a solid long run by doing it twice over; the beach views alone would keep the out-and-backs from getting too monotonous.

In conclusion: the boardwalk is a great place to run. Also, you can drink beer off a surfboard.

Beer in Ocean City
Also also, the second beer from the right is s’mores flavored.
Also also also, it’s called S’moredwalk. PUNS.

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