In Which Jenn Runs in the Outer Banks


Disappointing but true: I did not run along the beach. I’m just posting the above photo to distract from my lackluster running performance. Look! Look at the view from our beach house! LOOK AT IT!

Feel happier? Good. Keep it up. Because you’re about to be a little disappointed in me.

While in the Outer Banks, I ran… twice.

Two miles each time.

Because my boyfriend suggested it. BOTH TIMES. How’s that for motivation?

Okay, I admit it – I’m not actually that upset with myself. I was on vacation, after all. Any run on vacation is an accomplishment. I’m really only kinda sad because my successful 5K two weeks ago filled me with all this good will toward running outdoors… and it’s gone again. Good job, OBX.

I dunno. They weren’t bad runs, really. In both cases, my first mile was under 10 minutes. That’s pretty good for me. But I invariably ended up waving my boyfriend ahead while I took a couple walk breaks. We ran along fairly flat roads, so that’s no excuse. Was it the heat? (Both times we were running around 9:30AM and it was already pretty steamy.) Was it the fact that we ran without any music? Was it the outdoors realizing I was coming around to it and refusing to let that happen? Do I just run better in Texas?

I do not know. You know what else I don’t know? Whether or not there are pacers for the Marine Corps Marathon the way they have at runDisney races. I hope they do; if I can find one, I plan to plant myself in his wake and ride it all the way in.

That was BOAT HUMOR. For the BEACH. See how nicely I wrapped that up? Sorry about yet another downer outdoors running post, guys. Tune in tomorrow for an obscenely positive and cheery post for a change!

Do you run on vacation? How does it generally go for you?

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  1. vacation miles count times 10.

    Also, there are indeed pace groups at MCM and you line yourself up in a corral, there are no assignments!

  2. As someone who ran nothing while on vacation (there were bears there!), you're 2 x 2 is awesom.

    And see, again there with that speed thing. First mile under 10? In this heat and humidity? Damn.

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