In Which Jenn Runs In OBX

Hello from OBX! Yesterday morning I completed my first long run outside of Puerto Rico in literal months and my God, did you know that in North Carolina it gets almost CHILLY at NIGHT? And that there’s a BREEZE and the HUMIDITY isn’t 8,000 PERCENT??? What a delight! I like to think all my hot weather training is going to convert into faster times in cooler climes, but it’s nice to turn down the heat a bit now and again.

The only downside to pointing due north is that the sunrise is later, so I couldn’t get quite as early a start as I would’ve liked (there aren’t lights on the roads down here or sidewalks either, so visibility is important. Always run against traffic!). But I was still able to pop out a practice half with comparative ease.

I started by hanging left off our beach house and running down to Lee Robinson’s General Store, a distance of about 4 miles. If you’re ever in the Cape Hatteras area, definitely pop in there and get some chocolate peanut butter fudge and Blenheim ginger ale, but as they weren’t open yet I was sadly unable.

Then I turned around and ran back to the house, where I swapped in a fresh bottle of water and finished my 13.1. I passed a couple of pro-Trump signs during this portion of the run – it’s the south, after all – but I flipped them all off for my own cathartic purposes. Please vote Biden so poor Ruth Bader Ginsburg can retire, okay?

One of these days I should really try running on the beach again, but the flat, fast roads are so hard to resist!

Do you run on vacation?

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In Which Jenn Is Neither Seen Nor Heard

And now I make my annual pilgrimage to the Outer Banks. None of you losers are invited (especially Florence).

Nah, just kidding. You’re all invited! (Except Florence.) IF YOU CAN FIND ME. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Right, so anyway, in accordance with my vacation I’m taking a week off from the blog. As always, if you’re terribly bored, I highly recommend visiting the trip report and race recap pages for my arguably too-detailed descriptions of everything I’ve ever done.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing a 1,000-piece Walt Disney World puzzle I bought off eBay and listening to the waves. Meet you back here in a week!

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The Jenn Guide To Running On The Beach

Newsflash, everybody: running on the beach is hard.

I was cavalier, going in. I hear running on the beach is hardER, I thought to myself, but I’m a marathoner – how bad can it be?


Let’s back up a moment. I never planned to run on the beach, for a multitude of reasons that will be discussed here. Unfortunately my time in the Outer Banks came right after a large-ish storm blew through, leaving VERY SERIOUS PUDDLES in its wake, which didn’t dissipate until the very last day.

Here’s the road our house was on.

Clearly I was not going to run on the road unless I wanted to start working on post-swim triathlon transitions. But I was bound and determined to run that week. This left only one option: the beach itself.

I wound up running about two miles four times over the course of the week. It was an experience. I have thoughts. (Although please remember these are the thoughts of an amateur, not a professional trainer!)

THOUGHT: Do NOT plan a long run on the beach if you’re not used to it. Running on the sand is tough and engages your body in ways it may not be used to. I know there are people out there who run miles and miles and miles along the coast but I’m pretty sure they had to work their way up to it, y’know? I never felt spent at the end of my runs, but I was tired in new and exciting ways. Speaking of which…

THOUGHT: Do NOT, repeat, do NOT try to run on dry sand. Unless you really relish the ground giving way beneath you. It’s not impossible, but it’s REALLY REALLY HARD and will make you miserable and maybe even cause you to roll an ankle or something. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I found my best bet to be sand that had recently been wet by some of your farther-reaching waves.

THOUGHT: Try to find the flattish stretch of beach possible. The steep inclines common to the shore play unfortunate merry hell on your joints. My skeleton didn’t love it when one foot made impact at a higher altitude than the other. That being said, and given that it’s hard to avoid some incline, try to work in a halfway turnaround point so that both sides of your body are worked evenly.

THOUGHT: Listen to your body. This is always the case, and as runners we love to ignore it, but this time try to really do it. You’re putting yourself through a brand new variation of the same activity which means you mostly know what you’re doing but not entirely. The tendency is to be overconfident but fight against that. Be careful. If you feel pain or severe discomfort during your run, stop and walk home. If you feel sore or tight the morning after, take a day off. I know it goes against the proverbial grain but try to do it.

THOUGHT: Sometime a wave might catch you and you’ll end up with soaked feet. It’s cool; keep going. You’re only doing a couple miles, right? When you get back, though, make sure you rinse those bad boys off or you’ll wind up with socks o’ sand next time you put them on. And give them plenty of time to dry before your next run, for obvious reasons.

THOUGHT: Ocean breezes make a short summer afternoon run actually viable. Depending. Check the weather first.

THOUGHT: WATCH OUT FOR FISHING LINES. And dogs and children and crabs and sand castles and big holes and sharks and the kraken. But mostly the fishing lines.

THOUGHT: Okay. I’ll admit it’s scenic.

Have you run on the beach? How did you fare?

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The Fairest Week In Review: 9/13

DAMMIT. I had a whole post set up to go out last week explaining that I was in the Outer Banks this week but don’t worry, I was DEFINITELY going to run and I’d see you all next week etc. etc. But I forgot that in addition to scheduling a post, you have to hit publish, even though you’re not publishing right exactly then, the point of this whole paragraph being: you were supposed to get an explanatory post last week but you didn’t because I’m an idiot.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the Outer Banks.

Nice, right? You may remember it as the site of Runs That Were Not Great and Runs That Did Not Happen At All. But this time it was the site of not only Many Runs but Runs on the Beach. As you might imagine, I have a LOT to say about that, maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, know I ran two miles FOUR times. On vacation. WINNER!

That takes care of last week. Therefore, in this week’s review we will hearken back to the exercise I got the week before last.

Sunday, August 28 | rest

Monday, August 29 | 13.33 miles on the treadmill in 2:15
I can no longer remember why I did this. Tapering for my upcoming 20 miler, I guess.

Tuesday, August 30 | walked 2.1 miles outside in 35 minutes

Wednesday, August 31 | 10.07 miles outside in 1:50; 65 minute ballet class
Pickup ballet class before the start of the new semester. I prefer to stagger my running and dancing where possible, but as I would miss the first week of class in favor of the beach I wanted to get some ballet in there while I could.

Thursday, September 1 | walked 2.07 miles outside in 35 minutes

Friday, September 2 | run 4.52 miles in 45 minutes

Saturday, September 3 | rest

And now for the roundup:

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Let’s never leave each other suddenly again, guys.

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In Which Jenn Is At The Beach Again

Hey, remember how I went to the beach a couple weeks ago? Well, I’M DOING IT AGAIN.

This time I’m heading back to the Outer Banks, site of… well, not super awesome runs, actually. But I did run. And I plan to again. So we’ll see how that goes!

While I’ve got you, I want to remind you that the Diabetes Action Team is a totally awesome charity that I am fundraising for to earn my Marine Corps Marathon bib and you can get involved! I am inching closer to my goal and every little bit helps. Pretty please click here and donate? I’ll appreciate it, but Ruffian will be absolutely ECSTATIC.

See you next week!

Jenn is running the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon for the Diabetes Action Team. Will you help her earn her bib while fighting diabetes? Click here to make your tax-deductible donation.

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In Which Jenn Runs in the Outer Banks

Disappointing but true: I did not run along the beach. I’m just posting the above photo to distract from my lackluster running performance. Look! Look at the view from our beach house! LOOK AT IT!

Feel happier? Good. Keep it up. Because you’re about to be a little disappointed in me.

While in the Outer Banks, I ran… twice.

Two miles each time.

Because my boyfriend suggested it. BOTH TIMES. How’s that for motivation?

Okay, I admit it – I’m not actually that upset with myself. I was on vacation, after all. Any run on vacation is an accomplishment. I’m really only kinda sad because my successful 5K two weeks ago filled me with all this good will toward running outdoors… and it’s gone again. Good job, OBX.

I dunno. They weren’t bad runs, really. In both cases, my first mile was under 10 minutes. That’s pretty good for me. But I invariably ended up waving my boyfriend ahead while I took a couple walk breaks. We ran along fairly flat roads, so that’s no excuse. Was it the heat? (Both times we were running around 9:30AM and it was already pretty steamy.) Was it the fact that we ran without any music? Was it the outdoors realizing I was coming around to it and refusing to let that happen? Do I just run better in Texas?

I do not know. You know what else I don’t know? Whether or not there are pacers for the Marine Corps Marathon the way they have at runDisney races. I hope they do; if I can find one, I plan to plant myself in his wake and ride it all the way in.

That was BOAT HUMOR. For the BEACH. See how nicely I wrapped that up? Sorry about yet another downer outdoors running post, guys. Tune in tomorrow for an obscenely positive and cheery post for a change!

Do you run on vacation? How does it generally go for you?

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