Running clothes

In Which Jenn Finds A Sneaky Running Gear Discount

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post I was gonna put up today in favor of breaking news: Target’s Cartwheel app is lying to you. You have the Cartwheel app, right? That nets you lots of extra discounts at Target? Okay, good. So earlier this week I saw that Cartwheel was offering 20% off C9 by Champion workout gear. Great! I need new running socks anyway. I carted myself off merrily to Target and began browsing. Post sock grab, I rifled through the workout clearance racks and found a couple cute tops. Cute tops are an important part of running...

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Mickey camera

In Which Jenn Might Be In Your Disney Photo Album RIGHT NOW

Do you ever wonder, with all your trips to Disney parks, how many random strangers have random photos and video of you? Billy Collins can explain: Think about it – all the times you walked into someone’s photo because you didn’t notice the guy several feet away snapping a pic, or the many, many more times you walked behind a group posing. All the on-ride pictures, where your Splash Mountain log is filled out with any number of people you don’t know, and on Expedition Everest when the girl in front of you put her arms up too and...

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Roller coaster of emotion

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/04

Ahhh, tapering. The wonderful concept that has kept my runs short for like a month. (Okay, one of those low mileage weeks was vacation’s fault but whatever.) Post National Capital 20 Miler I took it pretty darned easy. This week I ramp it back up only to begin setting it back down in preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon. Fall race season is such a roller coaster! How it went down: Sunday | National Capital 20 Miler, 20.04 miles in 3:46 Monday | rest Well, I helped my friend Lucy do some moving, which is not 100% restful per...

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