The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Be Our Guest Review

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Remember when Be Our Guest was, like, THE dining reservation to have? I mean, I guess it still kinda is, but I never really got into the hype. Despite its general popularity, Beauty & The Beast was never a huge favorite of mine as a child, and aside from the grey stuff there was no huge attraction in the perfectly serviceable but expensive menu.

I don’t know why I suddenly felt the urge to go there for breakfast, which generally gets middling reviews. The lure of doing something new, I suppose. Whatever the reason, I found an ADR almost as tough a get, but with dogged pursuit landed an ADR at a mid-morning time I liked.

And thus we found ourselves there on the second morning of our trip. Since breakfast is not a true table service affair, the experience starts out a little less lux. Even with an ADR you’re shuffled through a huge line, culminating in a cast member taking down your order. All adult breakfast are the same price and come with a non-specialty beverage and pastries to share. It’s been pointed out that if two people make separate ADRs each person gets a separate pastry plate and they can still sit together, but I had a hard enough time getting the one ADR, so.

If you have a Magic Band, you’re free to wander the castle – your food will geolocate you later. First up: a stop at the drink station. There seems to be one in every room and you can help yourself, so presumably seconds are allowed? I didn’t try but I don’t see how they’d enforce a single serving policy. My mom and I both got coffee and it was indeed coffee. So far so good.

Then I took a dip into the three available seating areas. The main ballroom dining area is everything you’ve heard: loud, cavernous, enormous, loud, loud. Lovely ceiling art but otherwise avoid.

The library has a lovely rose centerpiece, but my hurried examination didn’t yield much else of note (I didn’t want to linger too long lest my food have to chase me around). Instead we settled in the West Wing, with its soothing darkness and periodic thunder noises to scare all the small, loud children away. (For some reason WDW is full of children???? PLS EXPLN)

About five minutes after we selected our table a Cast Member brought our food in a cart, checking our receipt and leaving us to our devices for the remainder of the meal. 

My mom got the vegetable quiche, which is for some inconceivable reason served with a slab of puff pastry even though it already has a crust? Go figure. She seemed happy enough with it. It came with mixed fruit but I can’t even LOOK at it because the bowl contains grapes and GRAPES ARE THE DEVIL. P.S. My phobias are legitimate!

I had originally planned on ordering the bacon and egg sandwich, but upon arrival I found myself digging something a little lighter. I wound up selecting the charcuterie plate. Tres European, non? Nothing on the plate blew my mind but it was all satisfying: the cheese was brie, and the meats were two types of ham and salami. Bonus: apple slices and french bread with marmalade. Pro tip #1: put some cheese and marmalade on the bread and GO TO TOWN.

As for the provided pastry plate, they were decent; more or less what you might expect to be served at a hotel breakfast buffet. The pan aux chocolate was a particular standout. The cinnamon roll was kinda dry, but the apple danish and turnover were decent. Muffins provided were blueberry and bran. Pro tip #2: bring a couple plastic baggies with you, bag it all up, and stick in your backpack for snacks later. That’ll show ’em!

Overall I found it to be a pleasant enough experience, and the food was pretty good. The pastry plate stretches the value. Still, I’m not sure it’s worth the price or effort; I think I’d rather just snag a waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow. But if I ever find myself traveling with a big BatB fan, I’ll take a swing at an ADR. What the hell, y’know?

Have you ever been to Be Our Guest? Thoughts?

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