Brooks sneakers

In Which Brooks Ravenna Sneakers… Are Launches Now?!

I wrote a blog post about Brooks sneakers a week or two ago. I was going to post it today, and it was going to go like this: There are many reasons the Brooks Ravenna is my GOAT shoe, but none of them would be any help to me if they weren’t so darned consistent. My first Ravennas were model #4, and I have used every version since up to the current #11. Every version has been a winner. But that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any changes from iteration to iteration. In fact, I noticed a pretty...

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Running shoes

In Which Jenn Takes The Cinderella Approach To Running

Last week I got a hot tip from one of my runDisney Facebook groups – the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon store was selling their themed tie-dye Launch 5s for $25! Now a) I’ve never used the Launch and b) I’m not running a Rock ‘n Roll race this year (I did once and it was not my favorite). But for $25 bucks plus a five spot in shipping I was certainly willing to give it a shot. They came yesterday and I was surprised how much they cheered me up. I mean, obviously as a runner and a girl-type...

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