In Which Jenn Doesn’t Need New Running Clothes – But…

My dresser is 80% running clothes. I have a draw each for sports bras, short sleeved tops and tanks, long sleeved tops, and running pants, plus a couple free-floating warm weather tops and vests and a collection of hats and gloves. Probably, most likely, I have enough running clothes.

And yet I can’t help but coveting new things. It’s so motivating to say to myself, hey, on tomorrow’s run you can wear your new running socks – get excited! So even though I know, logically, that I don’t need to spend the money, I have a hard time letting a running gear sale pass me by.

Mostly I’m talking about C9 by Champion, Target’s athletic line. They release discounts periodically, and every time they do I can’t help but browse. And then there was the time Target was offering a $10 gift card for every $40 in clothing purchased, C9 included. I walked out with a small but no less superfluous haul. And let’s not even talk about what’s on my Christmas list.

It’s not strictly wanton! Since I’ve been running outside more and more a lot of the warmer stuff is quite necessary. And since it’s a Target brand it’s not like I’m constantly dropping tons of tons of money. And this is how I snagged a pair of running pants that had stripes in Figment purple and orange that doubled as part of a race costume. Practical!

But the best example of my playing with fire was when I ran the Baltimore Marathon. Guys, I did something very very stupid: I bought a pair of running capris a week before the race, and without even testing them, I RAN THE RACE IN THEM.

Like so.

Why? Why would I pull such an obviously boneheaded stunt? Was it the spectacular pattern? The superior design? Did all my other tried and tested running capris spontaneously combust?

No. It’s just that these pants had… A ZIPPERED POCKET. I could put my house key and a credit card and ID in my pocket and fear NOTHING. In perfect comfort too, unlike my sometimes sweaty and restrictive wristlet. It was 100% worth the risk. And it paid off, too – I didn’t see so much as a lick of chafing.

A classic case of do as I say, not as I do, kids. But the siren call of shiny new running gear is so tantalizing sometimes…

Do you have a minor obsession with new running gear, too?

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In Which Jenn Pantsed A Mannequin For Running Tights

What is the present-tense of pantsed? Is it “pantses?” That doesn’t seem right. Hmmm…

Anyway, let me tell you the story of how I pantsed a mannequin. Twice. Well, once I was more of an accomplice. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

You may recall a coupled months ago I complained of tripping over a wire in the sidewalk and ripping my second favorite pair of long running tights. (THE HUMANITY.) Since then I’d been on the hunt for more running pants, of course, because if there’s one thing I don’t have enough of it’s running gear.*

*I have plenty of running gear. But oh, how I love running gear!

I tend to be pretty cheap, though, so rather than plunk down the money on a pricey pair I instead trolled clearance racks and online sales. I wanted reasonable quality, of course, but I also wanted a killer price. Alas, the weeks went buy and nothing quite tempted me enough to buy.

Then one day I was prowling around the Target activewear section and saw a pair of running tights… down around a mannequin’s ankles. Intrigued by this apparent violation of mannequin rights, I investigated. 

I investigated the pants, mind you. (The mannequin was on her own.) The tights hit my boxes – black, with a pocket, high-waisted. Bonus: cute pattern on the legs. I peeked at the size: small. Could work! 

But the mannequin’s feet were firmly attached to the podium. Additional wrinkle: those particular running tights were the only of their kind in the store. I checked all the piles and racks – nada. I checked the Target website, and while these particular tights WERE on sale (yay!). they were NOT available for online order (boo). So I slunk away, defeated. 

Eventually someone must’ve restored the mannequin’s dignity, because the next time I went to Target they had been pulled back up to their proper, clay-butt-covering height. And there they stayed… for weeks and weeks. Taunting me.  (This might be a good time to note that I go to Target weekly for my groceries. I don’t, like, hang around Target constantly like a ’90s mall rat or anything. Although that does sound kinda fun?) 

Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. I resolved that if the tights were still on that damned mannequin on my next grocery run, I would find an employee and I would GET THEM OFF THOSE DISEMBODIED LEGS.

Sure enough, next time I hit up Target, there they were! The waist of tights had been pulled down a bit off the half-torso, as if someone saw me coming and tried to rob me of my victory but couldn’t get them off in time. After multiple inquiries I was able to track down a staff member who could help me, and that remarkable employee lifted the mannequin off its support post, slipped off the tights, and handed them over to me like it was no big deal.

At the register, they rung up under $9. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!

And that’s the story of how I secured THE LAST RUNNING TIGHTS ON EARTH.

Okay, that’s not true. But man, was it satisfying all the same.

What’s your proudest running gear purchase moment?

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In Which Jenn Finds A Sneaky Running Gear Discount

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post I was gonna put up today in favor of breaking news: Target’s Cartwheel app is lying to you.

You have the Cartwheel app, right? That nets you lots of extra discounts at Target? Okay, good. So earlier this week I saw that Cartwheel was offering 20% off C9 by Champion workout gear. Great! I need new running socks anyway. I carted myself off merrily to Target and began browsing. Post sock grab, I rifled through the workout clearance racks and found a couple cute tops. Cute tops are an important part of running motivation.

I was about to toss it all in my cart when I saw the sign. It said: C9 by Champion, 20% off in the Cartwheel App! Yes, correct, good. I nodded. And then saw the fine print: does not apply to socks or clearance. DAMMIT.

I looked at my haul, sighed, and put most of it back, save for one shirt that was already deeply discounted so it was still worth it. I paid for it along with some other stuff for which I did use Cartwheel, and upon checking my receipt later, I saw something interesting: the discount had indeed applied to my clearance item.

Naturally the only logical thing to do at that point was go back to Target the next day, grab that other top I’d been eyeing plus the socks, and go through the checkout line again. Sure enough, the clearance top was 20% off! The socks: not, so that was legit. But I also had a Cartwheel offer for 5% off all socks, so I got a bit of a discount there too.

$45 worth of stuff for like $20.

I’m rushing to tell you this because these Cartwheel offers – 20% off C9 by Champion and 5% off socks, including workout socks – are good until October 8 and October 22, respectively. If you go between now and Saturday you could get some running gear for a steal too!

I’m 99% sure all Targets run on the same Cartwheel system, so if I got 20% off clearance items you should too. A couple tips!

  • Don’t be afraid to look outside your regular sizes. I bought a tank in a small and one in a large and because of the way each is cut both fit fine.
  • C9 has sock packs for $10 that are breathable, synthetic fabrics AND some come with a bonus fourth pair. They don’t offer much compression, but wearing them on your shorter runs will take some of the strain off your fancier pairs.
  • Bra review.
  • Do NOT buy the cold weather long pants. They fall down something awful. Although maybe that’s just me being built funny. Run around in ’em before you take the tags off, is all I’m saying.

There you go. Now go get some cute workout stuff for a metaphorical song!

Let me know if you get anything good!

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In Which Jenn Reviews A Cheap Sports Bra

Influenster recently sent me a 40% discount code off a C9 by Champion sports bra from Target. I was kinda on the fence about the whole thing – 40% off is good, but I have a fair array of sports bras already – until my Target run on Tuesday. Sports bras were on sale! I can’t resist stacked discounts, so I picked one up for review.

The discount code covered two lines of C9 bras: power core and power shape. The main difference seems to be in the cups; namely, are they molded (shape) or no? Some are racer backs, some not. All models I saw have adjustable straps.

I have in-between boobs; that is to say, not so small that I can throw on a tank top and wander about braless (you guys are lucky!), but then again not so big that I naturally get a ton of cleavage with little to no effort (you guys are lucky!). I liked the look of the molded bras, but most of them seemed to have back clasps, which I am less a fan of in sports bras – I hate standing around grappling for hooks with my arms twisted behind my back when I have a workout to get to, geez.

I was also having trouble finding my size, as some are sized like standard bras (ie, 34C) and some are S, M, L. I eventually picked out a medium support power core bra in size medium.

My selection.

Cute, right? Putting it on initially, I was struck by how much more support it offered than I expected. I got a little bit of boob-squish, but not to the extent that high support bras tend to provide. The boobs are definitely strapped down but not suffocated. Otherwise, while just hanging around, it’s pretty comfortable.

The real test is of course in the run. I have some sports bras that require a bit of lubrication if I’m going for a long run, under the band and sometimes on the upper boobs. To find out if this one has any hot spots, I went Vaseline-free for the inaugural run (you’re welcome). Chafe report: nada. Nary a mark on me. Now, I was running on a beautiful morning – low 60s, light breeze – so sweat wasn’t much of a factor; I’d need to try again on a hardcore sweaty day to get a sense of how chafe-y it gets then. But for starters: not bad!

In short, for my medium boobs, medium support was just fine. It’s not super flattering for small-to-medium boobs in that it squishes you down and flattens you out, but then again, it IS a sports bra. It keeps the bounce out. If you want something with a bit more shape, I’d suggest trying a model with molded cups (or this VSX bra, which I have and like). Otherwise this is a perfectly serviceable sports bra at a pretty great price.

Standard cost for the various models seems to run between $16.99 and $22.99, Target is running a bunch of sales both in store and online right now! I got mine in store for $10 ($6 after my discount code) and saw others marked at $15, so if you’re interested in a new sports bra now’s the time to jump on it.

Have you used C9 sports bras? How do you like ’em?

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