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In Which Jenn Discusses Mid-Run Fueling

I dunno, guys. I must be doing it wrong. Earlier we talked about pre- and post-run fueling, and that’s very important. But it seems like there’s a whole lot of buzz surrounding the gels and beans and shots and such that provide energy during a run. Many reported that they found substantial improvement in their runs when they consumed something during, and as a fledgling runner I thought: clearly I need some energy gels! After Moon and I had somewhat mixed results with Energy Bits, I was determined to figure out what WOULD work. I went straight to the...

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Alice food

In Which Jenn & Moon & Minx & Ruffian & Hoodoo Try Energy Bits

Hi there! Jenn here. A little backstory: a few weeks ago I randomly tweeted to our scores and scores of devoted followers that we had never used any kind of energy gels or beans or what have you, and did anyone having suggestions? Why, Sasha Bratt did – Energy Bits are the thing, said he! They’re made with algae, totally natural and great for you. And then Energy Bits themselves tweeted back – seriously, this Twitter team is ON TOP OF IT – offering samples for review. Which we accepted because it sounds awesome and also because OMG SAMPLES...

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