In Which Timehop Throws Shade At Disney???

Holy smoke Rocky, guys, I know I just posted, but I saw the FUNNIEST thing in my Timehop yesterday and I had to share!

You guys know Timehop, right? The app that shows you all the stuff you posted on this day on your various social medias and that stuff? In addition to populating with your own on-this-day photos and tidbits, it also sometimes shows some historic events and such that occurred on that day too. Various Disney park openings and movie debuts have sometimes been included as the day’s fun fact, because, I always assumed, many of Disney’s accomplishments are objectively historical.

As of today, though, I begin to wonder if a Disney blogger moonlights as a Timehop exec, because this is some niche humor:

Timehop Epcot

Ha! Today we call it EPCOT and it has a Frozen ride…!

I mean, we all know the story about why Epcot never became the Epcot as Walt envisioned it. It’s the Frozen dig that kills me. That is some vintage late-2014, still-bitter-about-the-closing-of-Maelstrom, why-is-there-IP-in-Epcot-it-doesn’t-belong-here shade. I’m surprised they didn’t have that little dinosaur guy dressed as a Viking at the end. 

I can’t wait until the new Guardians of the Galaxy coaster opens and we find out what Timehop has to say about that. I’m guessing with all the ousted dinosaurs it’s gonna get real personal real fast.

Disney, man. You find it in the darnedest places!

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In Which Jenn Mourns Epcot’s Losses

What more can I say?

What more can I possibly say about the hurt? The betrayal?

The Disneysphere has been in a tumult over the numerous closures announced in just the past few weeks. Many have said more and better on the subject, but here as some quickfire opinions.

The Backlot Tour. I liked the Backlot Tour a lot in 1998. It was still reasonably cute in 2012. I wish it was what it had been originally designed to be. But ultimately I’m okay with seeing what Disney will do with the space.

The Maelstrom. Oh, the Maelstrom. I am deeply saddened by the loss, of all things, of the narrator. Bring out your pitchforks, because I’m not a huge Frozen fan. I thought it was fine but nothing about it sparked my imagination. Still, I think even the hardcore fans might agree that Disney is spreading it around a little too enthusiastically. And I concur with all those who have pointed out that this is NOT what Epcot’s World Showcase is meant to showcase. All that being said, if I can wait and see what the Imagineers will do with stupid freaking bloody awful cliche dumb I-hate-that-movie Avatar, I can wait and see for this too.

Morockin.’ Whatevs.

The Fife and Drum Corps. Awwwwww. I liked it. I’m sad to see it go. But it wasn’t a staple or anything.

Off Kilter. WHAT? NO!

The World Showcase Players. WHAT????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, here is the overarching reason why I think getting rid of Off Kilter and the Players is an extra-dumb mistake: THEY ARE INHERENTLY CHANGEABLE. You ride a dark ride enough times, you can play it in your head. Sure, riding it is better, but it’s going to be the same dark ride every time. And I love dark rides, and I say long live dark rides, but that’s why I didn’t get too outraged over, say, the removal of Snow White’s Adventures in favor of the new coaster. I’d ridden the Adventures many times, I knew how they went, and I was fine with seeing something new.

You CANNOT do this with Off Kilter (and I guess Morockin’ either but I was never into their show). I love Off Kilter; the band members were always funny and personable and put on a great and variable show.

But the PLAYERS, guys. The PLAYERS. I LOVE(D) THE WORLD SHOWCASE PLAYERS. Their shows were funny and interactive and never the same twice – there was a clear script but they improvised beautifully around their audience participants. They were sophisticated in the simplicity of their humor, not to mention literary and historical. Seriously, they were HILARIOUS and I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’RE GONE. Why didn’t you hold them until the end of the year at least, Disney? WHY SO LITTLE NOTICE? WAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Anyway. This weekend the Players and Off Kilter say goodbye. I’m so incredibly sad I missed it. And now, in tribute, I present:

  • A bunch of photos from that one time my then-boyfriend was pulled into the King Arthur show to play Sir Galahad. Ex or no ex, it remains a favorite WDW memory of mine.
  • A couple higher-res photos of the Players the last time I saw them, December 2013.
  • Two super crappy videos of the Players from like two years ago that I took on a really horrible phone. At least watch the Cyranose one. You’ll never see higher quality staggering. “And nobody loves you…………………………………………………….. like I do.” <- Favorite joke the Players ever told
  • Side note: I’m going to miss that guy in the blue shirt who was always there. Oh, and I never got to see their rendition of A Christmas Carol. DAMMIT.
  • And since we’re here and I’m going to miss them too, a similarly crappy Off Kilter video from the same year in which they perform “Irish Rover.” I plan to slap a bunch of OK into my running playlists in defiance.

It’s all gone.

In the immortal words of Marvin the Paranoid Android: Oh God I’m so DEPRESSED.

A lot of smarter and more eloquent people have opinions on this subject – and they don’t always match. Here’s a listing of some of the more interesting posts I’ve read. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cry in the bathroom for the foreseeable future.
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The Fairest Week In Review: 9/02

HELLO, FRIENDS! Just Jenn today, as Moon will be off gallivanting about the Continent for the remainder of the week. Whereas I, by contrast, am back from the beach and happy to… happy to… look, I kinda wish I was still at the beach, okay? But I’m here and I’m slowly getting over my post-break blues. How am I managing my recovery, you ask? Tune in later this week to find out! (Hint: upcoming WDW trips are involved.)

But can we just talk for a minute about some WDW things that are NOT assisting my recovery? No, I’m not talking about the Maelstrom Frozen overhaul; I’m withholding judgment on that one until I see it. No, I’m more distressed that Disney has decided to ax a bunch of World Showcase entertainment – including not only good ol’ Off Kilter but THE WORLD SHOWCASE PLAYERS. I mean, losing Off Kilter makes me sad because running to them makes me pretend-you’re-in-Epcot happy, but THE PLAYERS? You can’t get rid of them! They’re hilarious! GALAHAD AN APPOINTMENT TO TALK ABOUT THIS????


What else? Oh, right, running. Well, I DID run a little at the beach (more on that tomorrow). I also took a couple long walks on the shore that were awesome, swam in the ocean, and tried surfing a little. This last was pretty hilarious; I did a lot of talking to my board which consisted primarily of “NONONONONONONO” [SPLASH] [SPUTTER]. But I didn’t drown OR smack my head on my board OR get eaten by a shark, so: success!

No roundup this week as I barely touched my laptop all week. As always, if you see a post you think is up my alley, don’t hesitate to send it my way!

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