Disney Wardrobe

It’s A WDW Wardrobe Battle Royale!

I just finished my last WDW trip report, so of course it’s time to go back to Walt Disney World. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I’ve never been to Disney this much in this short a time! And I may never again, so I better enjoy it. One of the ways I enjoy it is by dressing up. Thus it is time once again for my planned trip wardrobe. But this time, there’s a TWIST! What kind of twist, you ask? Read on! (Don’t mind the knee scabs; I had another running tumble. We’ll talk about it next post. Whee!) We...

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Forced laughter

Happy Friday: The Average Piece Of Junk

I recently showed Pat Ratatouille for the first time after he expressed an interest in seeing it. I remembered liking it at the time but it did not rank among my favorite Pixar films. I still wouldn’t rate it higher than Wall-E or Up, but upon my recent re-watch I think it may be just the sleeper to challenge Finding Nemo. The laughs aren’t as big, no. Yet to my mind, no single moment in Nemo can match Anton Ego’s final speech. A great artist can come from anywhere, indeed. Don’t forget, you can follow FRoA on Twitter @fairestrunofall and on Instagram @fairestrunofall. If you have...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 7/15

JENN: Ready for bloggery? MOON: I’m ready! JENN: Yay! Okay, how was your training this week? MOON: Good! Nothing too special to report, but I did try out a new route near my future home. It was crazy humid that morning, but it was nice and not a lot of traffic. JENN: Oooh, any good trails or anything? MOON: Not trails, really… just roads. However, they aren’t too frequently traveled! How was your training week? JENN: Much better than last week, where mileage is concerned. Hard in some ways because my runs were all outdoors and as we all know I am still working on not...

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