Road Runner Sports

In Which Jenn Selects New Running Shoes (Small Giveaway!)

Hey, remember that time I went to Road Runner Sports for a shoe fitting and walked out of the store with Nike Vomero 10 running shoes? And remember how I wasn’t sure it was the right shoe for me after awhile? And then remember how I ended up loving it and using it anyway? And then remember how Nike ruined everything by changing the Vomero 11 so much that it didn’t feel like my shoe anymore? 🙁 🙁 🙁 When your favorite running shoe betrays you, there is only one cure: a new fitting. In that spirit, I used...

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Running shoes

In Which Jenn Is Confused About Shoes

I am confused. Confused about shoes. I just wanted to rhyme. That’s my blog post for today. Thanks for stopping by! Nooooooo, I will elaborate. Maybe one of you magical readers can alleviate my confusion. Last summer I went to Road Runner Sports to get fitted for running shoes. I’d been using Brooks Ravennas pretty happily for awhile but it never hurts to reevaluate now and again, no? Roadrunner had a whole fancy pants process for determining my best fit, including videotaping me running barefoot on a treadmill. My shoe specialist told me that while my right foot does...

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Picky about shoes

In Which Jenn Gets New Sneakers At Road Runner Sports

Guys! I finally got myself re-fitted for sneakers and it was WAY more involved than last time. A little background: I’ve been using the Brooks Ravenna 5 since October of 2013. It replaced a pair of Nike ProFits that worked pretty well but in which I occasionally succumbed to some knee pain. The Ravennas seemed to take care of that problem, and I used them happily for almost two years. Until the Ravenna 5 was phased out for the new 6 model. Sure, I could’ve just bought eighty pairs of 5s on clearance and hope my stash lasted me the rest of...

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