In Which Jenn Has New Rides To Look Forward To

I’m a little sad, guys. All my potential trip buddies for my Wine & Dine trip in November fell out and I’m gonna be going to alone. That’s okay, though! I’m gonna knock a day off my trip for financial reasons but otherwise it’ll still be a fun time. I mean, when is WDW not a fun time? Never. Exactly.

Plus – and I was thinking about this the other day – I have two instances of something very special coming up in this trip. I don’t know if we stop to think about it enough when this wonderful thing happens to us, because for us park-frequenters it happens rarely. I’m talking about riding a ride for the Very First Time.

Everything’s new! The story, the music, the visuals. You don’t know what’s around each corner, when you may drop or change direction. It’s like reading a book or watching a movie – for a truly wonderful attraction, nothing will be lost by repeat and repeat and repeat rides; indeed, the richness of Disney’s environments lends itself to discovering new things all the time, even on the eleventh or 1,011th go-round.

But the first time only happens once, and we should savor it. (Insert obligatory virginity joke here; ahahahahaha okay contractual requirements fulfilled.) I’ll have that opportunity twice on this trip, with the new Soarin’ Around the World and Frozen rides. And yeah, I’ll miss the smell of oranges and pine trees in the former, and yeah, I’m still kinda mad about the replacement of Maelstrom and agree with those who say Frozen doesn’t belong in Epcot, but still. The Imagineers are a pretty crafty bunch. Maybe they’ll win me over for all that.*

My very first time is when we all find out.

* Except for Avatar. DEATH TO AVATAR. Okay, okay, I’ll give it a shot… BUT I WON’T LIKE IT.

What rides are you looking forward to that you haven’t been on yet? Do you try to be extra in-the-moment when you ride something for the first time?

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