The Fairest Week In Review: 2/18

Heyyyy! Jenn again. Guess what I did on Tuesday? A FIFTEEN MILER! What with various taper periods, injuries, and a general lack of get-it-togetherness, this is my longest training run since August. Yikes. (In my defense, I did run two marathons and a twenty miler in the interim. But still.)

Did you know Twitter can be a huge help when going for a long run? I do now! I tweeted some of my 15er ordeal and somehow got myself a cheerleader:

ScootADoot, wherever you are, I love you.

So yeah! That’s where I am right now, running-wise. Gotta build that strength back up, but I’ll get there.

And now: the roundup.

Back at Square Zero works out on the go.
Fairytales & Fitness features workout gear for animal lovers! Squee!
Parkeology killed Leota. Embarrassing.
Mouse on the Mind monkeys around.
Home Is Where The Mouse Is makes the Wilderness Lodge’s cheese fondue.
Walt Disney World for Grownups digs the American Adventure pavilion at Epcot.
The Disney Hipsters hit the Skipper Canteen for a vegetarian review.

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