Lumiere Challenge

In Which Jenn Isn’t Too Sure About These Race Challenges

I have made it through two runDisney challenges now: the Dopey Challenge in 2015 (5K + 10K + half + full marathon) and Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge just this past November. Running Disney is my very favorite thing to do, and I adore every race. Which is why I don’t know if I can ever do another challenge again. It’s just too stressful, guys. I’ve talked before about my pathological fear of sleeping through the race, and how I’ve had near panic attacks while trying to fall asleep. I set 4 phone alarms. I program in a wakeup call. Once I accidentally called emergency services while attempting to...

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon

In Which Jenn Reveals Her Upcoming Race Costumes

I am unlikely to ever be one of those really elaborately costumed runDisney people. Don’t get me wrong – more power to those guys! I am very impressed with your work! But the physical and monetary demands are too much for me to pursue excellent race costumes at this time. However, my Figment-y dip into modest costuming has made me hungry for personalized shout-outs from spectators. My Minnie ears are not enough because half the people on the course are Minnie Mouse. But if I can make it clear I’m channeling a character and put enough distance between me and the next Cheshire cat...

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend

In Which Jenn Pens A Polite Apology To Lumiere

Hey, remember a couple years ago when the Wine & Dine Half was made into a morning race? And runDisney introduced the Two Course Challenge and I was like, pssssh, AS IF. And then I punched Lumiere DIRECTLY IN THE FACE. Well, I owe Lumiere an apology, because this just happened:   I know! I’m surprised too. But – and prepare for a real shocker – it wasn’t my idea.  See, the week after I got back from the Walt Disney World Marathon, I was in the dressing room at ballet chatting to a friend about my race. Another friend, Erika, piped...

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