Mr. Toad

In Which Jenn Is Obnoxiously Cheerful About the Future

Strap in, everybody – to counter yesterday’s whine-fest, I’m now going to be overwhelmingly positive! In this particular case, I am both Ted AND Veronica. See this sticky note that lives on my work computer? This sticky note houses all the joy of the foreseeable future. The first two – the Tessy convention (5K recap here) and Outer Banks trip – are over, the latter of which bums me out to no end but that’s just a thing I do. I get unnecessarily bummed at the conclusion of trips and nostalgic over things that JUST HAPPENED and I remember...

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In Which Jenn Runs in the Outer Banks

Disappointing but true: I did not run along the beach. I’m just posting the above photo to distract from my lackluster running performance. Look! Look at the view from our beach house! LOOK AT IT! Feel happier? Good. Keep it up. Because you’re about to be a little disappointed in me. While in the Outer Banks, I ran… twice. Two miles each time. Because my boyfriend suggested it. BOTH TIMES. How’s that for motivation? Okay, I admit it – I’m not actually that upset with myself. I was on vacation, after all. Any run on vacation is an accomplishment....

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The Fairest Week In Review: 9/02

HELLO, FRIENDS! Just Jenn today, as Moon will be off gallivanting about the Continent for the remainder of the week. Whereas I, by contrast, am back from the beach and happy to… happy to… look, I kinda wish I was still at the beach, okay? But I’m here and I’m slowly getting over my post-break blues. How am I managing my recovery, you ask? Tune in later this week to find out! (Hint: upcoming WDW trips are involved.) But can we just talk for a minute about some WDW things that are NOT assisting my recovery? No, I’m not talking...

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