Hoodoo moves

The Fairest Week In Review: Just The Roundup Edition, 7/09

Hi! As you may know, Moon moved into a new apartment last week, and she’s still sorting through the wreckage that inevitably comes with transferring a boyfriend, cat, and all one’s possessions across town in the space of a few days. As such, we’re skipping the full week in review experience for this week and heading straight for the roundup. Don’t worry, these guys’ll keep you company! – Running Through the Castle ponders DFL. – Need to work out in the Valley of silence? Peanut Butter Fingers has got you covered. – Theme Park Insider has an interesting take...

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Disney pool

Kill/Refurb/Marry: Disney Resort Pools

It’s time for another Kill/Refurb/Marry! The blog hop topic for this month is Disney Resort Pools, which means I am going to have to cheat like woah. See, I’ve wracked my brains, I cannot for the life of me remember a time I actually availed myself of a Disney pool. Oh, sure, I ALWAYS pack a swimsuit, just in case. Who knows what will strike my fancy this trip? But somehow parks and the occasional nap always take priority, and I never do dip a toe in. That being said, I have been known to walk past any number of Disney Resort pools,...

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Running shoes

In Which Jenn Has Her Race Calendar Planned For Real This Time

And now for another topic where you can ignore everything I said about it before. I’m talkin’ bout my race schedule! I’ve been alluding to it in bits and pieces over the past couple weeks, but now that it’s all settled I like having it all set out in one place. It looks so tidy, no? 1. Tessitura Network 5K, August 18 (I think). This went pretty well last year! Very low key affair but a nice little practice run. Especially since it’s in Orlando this year. 2. The Parks Half Marathon, September 13. Starts in my general backyard-ish...

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Cinderella Castle

In Which Jenn Is Taking Elizabeth To WDW Again

I’m afraid I’m going to have to once again ask you to forget everything I said previously. So you know how when I signed up for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon I said that either my mom or my boyfriend would go with me? Well, it was leaning toward Pat going, but he’s not sure he’s going to have enough vacation days for it. I turned to my mom, and while she could go, she was severely time constrained by the need to teach a class and would need to get a substitute. This would’ve been okay… but...

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