In Which Jenn Runs Hot


You know that Runner’s World app thing where you can punch in the temperature, time of day, weather conditions, etc., and it’ll tell you what to wear? Well, I can’t use it. No matter what I do, it always seems to assume I want to feel the chill. 55 degrees out? Try shorts and a tech tee! 30 degrees? Eh, maybe slap on some pants, but keep the tee.

This may be a slight exaggeration, but the RW attitude seems to be one shared by the majority of runners: cooler is better. But I’m not afraid to say it: what the hell is wrong with you people???

I am a warm weather girl. Give me summer. Give me sundresses and popsicles and the confidence that I won’t need a coat. And while I certainly don’t want to go for a run in the 90 degree sunshine, I do not fear the 70s. Hell, I’ve done runs with temperatures in the 80s, and while I took advantage of the shade and lucked into sporadic cloud cover, I was totally fine. Not my optimal speeds, mind you, but perfectly content. Heat holds no fear for me.

Which I why I found comments overheard at the Dark Side Half baffling. To start, runDisney sent out a heat advisory email. Sure, okay, covering their butts from a legal standpoint. Makes sense.

Then came the race and the complaints were all around me. It’s so hot! It’s so humid! This is terrible! I can’t run like this!

Um, it was, like, 71 degrees the whole time. Largely in the dark, so no sun beating down on you. And sure, it was a bit humid, but there was also a consistent light breeze. I found the combination of elements delightful. I was never uncomfortable in either direction.

And yet I bet if I’d ask the RW what-to-wear app, it would have advised me to go naked. That thing is just trying to freeze me to death, I’m sure of it.

Man, I can’t wait to move somewhere warm.

Do you run hot or cold?

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  1. You know I'm with you! 71 sounds like literally perfect running weather. Much better than that 30 degree marathon… I did a run on Monday when it was 88 degrees. Not ideal, but better than cold!

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