Doctor Who run

The Fairest Week In Review: 9/06

And so marathon training begins: Sunday | rest End of that wedding weekend I mentioned last week. Spent most of the day either chilling with friends or driving home. Monday | ran 5.59 miles outside in 60 minutes Tuesday | walked 2.3 miles outside in 40 minutes; 25 minute workoutThere was no ballet this week, so I did a little workout on my own time – ab work and arm work and such. Fun fact: jump lunges are the devil. Wednesday | ran 5.85 miles outside in 60 minutes This run was significantly helped a long by a girl...

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Goofy lazy river swimming

In Which Jenn Dreams Of triDisney (Literally)

Longtime blog readers will know that I frequently have runDisney dreams, and 97% of the time the theme is My Screwing Up. I’ve slept through dream races, forgotten dream bibs, crossed dream start lines too late… Pretty much every race morning screw up you can imagine, I’ve dreamed it. Today I share with you another runDisney dream… but it is unique in two ways: I made it to the start line without incident. It’s not really runDisney. It’s… TRIDISNEY!!! Yes, in this dream for some reason my brain decided to posit that runDisney had added a triathlon to its...

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