In Which Jenn Is All About That DAK Area Background Music

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, say! Jenn hasn’t mentioned anything about what Disney background music she’s been listening to lately.  It’s cool. I saw you coming. Here’s how I’ve been easing the pangs of WDW homesickness:  You saw my news about staying at Kidani Village, right? When you stay at a new resort, it’s important to prepare yourself. I aim to ease my acclimation by carefully familiarizing myself with Kidani’s background loop. I’m hella jazzed about this new Disney resort adventure and have all sorts of activities planned for myself! This includes wandering across the way to Jambo...

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Disney fireworks

The Fairest Week In Review: 7/03

Hello and happy Independence Day eve, or as I like to call it, Sam Eagle Appreciation Day.  I love you too, Sam! Do you know what else this week is? It’s pre-vacation week. Woo! I am but one week away from the beach – and two weeks from a pilgrimage to my holy land, aka Walt Disney World.  So you’ll forgive me if I phone it in just bit. Don’t worry, I didn’t phone in my training. Week in review, go:  Sunday | rest I just wasn’t feeling it, and for once I gave in to the impulse. Which led...

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Mickey water bottle

In Which Jenn Goes (Run) Streaking

Thanks for the reminder, MM. Last week, I just wasn’t feeling my Sunday long run. Usually I’m the paragon of consistency when it comes to getting my training – but it was hot, I was tired and cranky, we were potentially going somewhere later… I just wasn’t feeling it. And for once, I gave into the impulse I didn’t run that day. But I also wasn’t cool with simply failing to reach my weekly mileage goal (which, for those of you not inside my head in the loop, is 25 miles on average). Thinking quickly, I concocted a harebrained...

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