In Which Jenn Goes (Run) Streaking

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Thanks for the reminder, MM.

Last week, I just wasn’t feeling my Sunday long run. Usually I’m the paragon of consistency when it comes to getting my training – but it was hot, I was tired and cranky, we were potentially going somewhere later… I just wasn’t feeling it.

And for once, I gave into the impulse I didn’t run that day. But I also wasn’t cool with simply failing to reach my weekly mileage goal (which, for those of you not inside my head in the loop, is 25 miles on average). Thinking quickly, I concocted a harebrained scheme: I decided to run 5 miles every day that workweek. Five miles, 5 times, 5 in a row.

Many of you are scoffing at this comparatively easy feat. For me, this was a minor challenge. I had no doubt I could do it, but it wasn’t my style. Hell, I used to run 10 miles 3 times a week. I was fine with running further so long as I didn’t have to do it as often. I find my new one-long-run-three-short-runs system to ultimately be better for my lifestyle, training, and injury report, but I do think back to those days fondly.

Where was I? Oh yes, my modest run streak. Here’s how it went:

#1. This was fine, of course. I’d had an extra day off and raring to go. I probably should’ve attempted to save something for later, but it was too hard not to just let go.

#2. ALREADY TIRED. Which is weird, because I do two 5-milers in a row on the regular. Sure, some days are just better than others, but it wasn’t a great sign…

#3. Okay. This wouldn’t’ve been so bad. BUT. Like an idiot, I forgot to hit my GPS watch until .5 miles into my run. Half a freaking mile! Ugh, I was so mad at myself. IF YOU’RE NOT RECORDING DATA WHY EVEN BOTHER???

#4. This was probably the worst run of all. It was hot and humid and I was SO CLOSE to being done without ACTUALLY BEING DONE. Kinda like how the worst part of the Dopey Challenge was the half marathon. (Ah, yes, the Dopey Challenge. Ultimate run streak!) 

#5. I was actually juuuust a smidge faster then in #4, which was nice. I felt hella slow the whole time but not unhappy. Just… tired.

I’d say my run streak experiment was what I would call a successful failure. Did I nail my runs and enjoy the process? Uh, no. No I did not. But I did it, and it was good for me – the streaking, the running on fatigued legs, the determination to Get It Done. And as a bonus: no injuries. Gonna take that mental and physical fortitude straight to the Two Course Challenge, baby!

Do you like to run streaks? How many miles and how many days?

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