The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 11/06/23

Odyssey photo op

It’s trip report time once again! Check out all the posts from this report here. Onward!

The morning after the Wine & Dine After Party is always a great opportunity to sleep in, except you can’t because thanks to Genie+, virtual queues, etc., there’s almost always something you’ve gotta jump on at 7am.

In this particular case, that something was the virtual queue for Cosmic Rewind, so I was up just before seven against my better judgment. The good news was I did get in, and with a decent number too. I was able to go back to sleep with reasonable satisfaction.

The bad news was our virtual queue boarding group number was a little too good, and I dragged myself out of bed again rather sooner than I otherwise might have liked. Becky and Erika woke up shortly after, and we were in our gondola to Epcot in due time.

We made it to Cosmic Rewind just in time! While I tried to repeat my manifestation technique in getting a particular song, it was only partially successful: we wound up with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” I was pleased because I hadn’t gotten this one yet, but displeased because it was probably the worst one so far? So down tempo! Ah, well; now I know.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind photo

This very important event behind us, we headed over toward World Showcase for some much-needed Food & Wine Festival action. We commemorated this occasion with photos. Gotta keep those PhotoPass photographers busy!

Our first stop was the Odyssey building to check out the Muppet decor, which was great because of course it was. You can never go wrong with the Muppets.

In fact we enjoyed this area so much that we wound up turning it into a sort of basecamp for a bit. We each made a couple individual strike missions to nearby booths only to return to the safety and comfort for Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. As always, food reviews are coming in a separate post!

Muppet Labs table

After one of these strike missions I came to the startling realization that I had lost my Disney Rewards card – and as it still had over a hundred bucks on it I wasn’t about to just let it go. I ran over to the Epcot guest services center in the hopes that it had been found and turned in. It hadn’t… but they were able to give me a new card and transfer the balance! Happy ending!

Disaster thusly averted, I ran over to Image Works in the Imagination Pavilion to meet Erika and Becky for a very important event: my ceremonial first photo with my man Figment! I was a bit concerned about the line length given the multi-hour waits that marked the beginning of his tenure, but it was actually quite manageable. The Cast Member playing Figment noticed I was decked out in Figment gear and mimed that he loved me multiple times, which I obviously 100% bought. I want to go back! More Figment photos!!!

While in line, Erika had revealed that she had never actually ridden Figment’s ride. We were there anyway, so heck, why not take a spin? I mean, obviously the ride is a SHELL of its former self, and until Dreamfinder is returned to his place of glory in a much-needed refurb I will never be content. But in this post-original-Figment wasteland, we must take what little modern Figment we can.

This being done, I split off from the group for a special adventure. In preparation for my upcoming WDW with older relatives, I had been tasked with checking out some rooms at The Contemporary to see what the bathroom layouts looked like. (I know this sounds weird. Suffice it to say, it’s a long story.) I took the monorail over to the hotel, and some very nice front desk CMs were kind enough to let me tour some rooms. If you need to know what the bathrooms look like in The Contemporary, hit me up. I’ve got video.

Having checked this important event off my list, I walked over to the Magic Kingdom bus stops and climbed on a bus back to Pop Century. It was starting to get chilly, so I wanted to change before matters got much worse. Having fortified myself with long pants and a sweatshirt, I was soon ready to head back over to Epcot.

We finished out our evening in Epcot with the only logical thing we could do: have a progressive dinner across multiple Food & Wine Festival booths. Like I said, reviews to come!

There was talk of ending the night with a spin on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, but the line was pretty long even toward the end of the night. Instead we got a jump on the post-fireworks gondola crowds and headed back to Pop a little bit early.

Looking back on it, I see I only did two rides the entire day… and that was fine. That’s the nice thing about being something of a WDW regular, no? You don’t have to stress about Getting Things Done; you can just vibe if that’s how the day is feeling. So yeah! We went back to the hotel and hopped into bed, satisfied with the day’s proceedings.

Up next: one last Disney day!

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  1. Most days it does seem like Epcot is just for Cosmic Rewind and eating/drinking! That’s about all I did on my solo trip in December there too… 😉

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